Time is passing, 2015 is about to bid farewell to 2015, and welcome 2016. As a leading B2B platform in the shoe industry, China Shoes.net, with years of operation experience and deep "knowledge", stands in a third-party perspective and is more professional,
More objectively for everyone [2015 China Footwear Series Inventory Special Report]: Use the attitude of consumers to make the classic timeless-2015 China's top 10 best-selling classic shoes; analyze the potential of brand development, add
Allied investors pointed out the direction of getting rich-2015 China's top 10 new shoe brands; integrated online sales hot brands to inform brand owners of consumer demand and positioning of the brand in the later stages of development-the most loved by Internet users in 2015
Top 10 shoe brands; Inventory of hot events in China's shoe industry in 2015; New Year's message from more than 700 shoe companies across the country ... [Details]

[Inventory] 2015 China's 10 best-selling classic shoes

2015 China's top 10 best-selling classic women's shoes

China Shoes Network December 17 news, unknowingly it's the last month of 2015, and it's time to take stock at the end of the year! If you use a word to summarize the popular style of women's shoes this year, it is "fun". Comfortable sports shoes, versatile two-color shoes, high-rise shoes, shoes ... Recalling this year's popular styles of women's shoes, China's shoes net inventory of this year's top 10 best-selling women's classic shoes in China ... [Details]

2015 China's top 10 best-selling classic men's shoes

China Shoes Net, December 24th, I often hear a sentence that applies to men is "see shoes as you see people", this sentence is really the truth!
The completion of fashion starts from the soles of the feet. The biggest highlight of the shoes as a whole can make the whole body look the most perfect. Looking back on this year, the fashion industry has launched many new styles of shoes. From the design of alternative designs, to warm boots, colorful shoes and other styles of shoes have attracted the attention of young people ... [Details]

2015 China's top 10 best-selling classic children's shoes

China Shoes Network December 28 news, the sky will be a big responsibility to parents also, must first pay sincere, pay money, and hard work, so that the baby can read thousands of books and walk thousands of miles, so it ’s true that buying children ’s shoes One thing that many mothers like but has a headache.
When buying children's shoes, you must not only look good and be comfortable, but also have children's preferences, so it is not easy to really buy a pair of shoes that you want. To this end, China Shoes Network to all mothers ... [details]

2015 China's top 10 high-tech innovative shoes

China Shoes Net, Dec. 29. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, designers who keep up with the times are not far behind, and have added the most trendy technology elements to their shoe designs. Today, China Shoes.com has selected the most attractive, creative, and eye-catching fashion, innovation and technology shoes in 2015. Let's take a look at which styles are most attractive to you ... [Detail ]

[Exclusive] Inventory: 2015 China's top 10 new shoe brands

Inventory: 2015 China 's Top 10 Emerging Women's Shoes Brands

[China Shoes Net-Industry News] The rise of a fashion brand is mainly its brand spirit, the spirit of the overall era and the true needs of consumers. These three are very important. Only by achieving these three points can we In a period of time, the brand has been invincible. Looking back at 2015, which new fashion women's shoes brands have attracted the attention of the industry, let's take a look with the editor of China Shoes Net: [Details]

Inventory: 2015 China's top 10 new men's shoes brands

[China Shoes Net-Industry News] Shoes are an important symbol of a man, and one's habits can also be seen. With the rise of domestic emerging middle-class consumption and the pursuit of precise positioning of fashion, and not limited to the premise of a pair of shoes with hundreds of clothing, the needs of footwear and clothing customers have also undergone tremendous changes ... [Details]

Inventory: 2015 China's top 10 emerging children's shoes brands

[China Shoes Net-Industry News] "Comprehensive two-child policy", under the influence of this good news, the concept of the second-child stock has soared, allowing children's clothing and children's shoes brands to see new development opportunities. Many children's shoes and clothing brands are active in the market, both in product design and marketing promotion have their own highlights, to accelerate the development is not only the needs of the company's own development. Nowadays, more and more adult sports brands on children's shoes and clothing ... [Details]

[Exclusive Inventory] Top 10 shoe brands most loved by netizens in 2015

Top 10 women's shoes brands loved by netizens in 2015

[China Shoes Net-Industry News] With the concept of fashion trend gradually gaining popularity, people are increasingly pursuing a dressing experience that reflects individuality. Especially for female consumers, not only should they wear comfort, but also wear fashion grade. With this consumer demand trend,
In 2015, the fashion concept of Chinese women's shoes was fully explained by brand owners. Once launched, it was favored and sought after by the market.
Now, the editor of China Shoes Net has listed the 10 most popular women's shoes brands in 2015 for everyone ... [Details]

Top 10 men's shoes brands loved by netizens in 2015

[China Shoes Net-Industry News] The so-called man wears a horse and a saddle on clothing. On different occasions, men also need to wear different clothes to reflect their style. Only the right clothes can make men look more focused and professional. Let's take a look
What are the top 10 men's shoe brands loved by netizens in 2015? [Details]

Top 10 children's shoes brands loved by netizens in 2015

[China Shoes Net-Industry News] The children's shoes market in 2015 is still hot. With the gradual opening of the second-child policy, the huge space of the children's shoes market has made many brands unable to hold back and seize this big cake. What healthy children's shoes, environmental protection children's shoes, safety children's shoes, positioning smart children's shoes, etc., have been fired. It has to be enthusiastic, and it ’s really hard to distinguish. The following editors will take a look at the top 10 children's shoes brands that attracted the most attention and favorite of netizens in 2015 ... [Details]

Top 10 sneaker brands loved by netizens in 2015

[China Shoes Net-Industry News] Stimulated by the favorable policies of the State Council's "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption", the sports industry remarked the market concern in 2015. The domestic sportswear brand BIG5 (Anta, Li Ning, Xtep, Peak (361 degrees) performed well, the overall performance rebounded, positive signals were released, and sports brands were once again favored by people. The following editors will take stock of the top 10 most popular sneakers in 2015 ... [Details]

Message 2015, Looking forward to 2016

Looking back at 2015, the development of China's footwear industry experienced a wave of lows, closed stores, layoffs, the industrial chain was forced to shift, the credit market tightened, coupled with the dual impact of domestic sales and foreign trade, many shoe companies have struggled.
It ’s not easy to come. It ’s all about the taste. It ’s so intricate. It ’s 2015 and longing for 2016. There is no reason not to persist, no reason to give up, just because there is a dream in my heart!
(More than 700 shoe brands across the country have made headlines on New Year's messages, what are you waiting for!)
If a brand wants to become bigger and stronger, it must have a sound integrity system as its foundation. Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise and the life of it. The establishment of Aokang's integrity system requires the integrity of every Aokang person to back it up. For enterprises, honesty and trustworthiness are a magic weapon for the company's long-term decline and maintaining the vitality of a robust market. Integrity is capital, wealth, and competitiveness. This is not only needed by Aokang, but also the entire footwear industry.
In 2015, Aokang did it; in 2016, Aokang as always!
Facing the increasingly fiercely competitive market environment, in order to realize the sustainable development of the brand, Zhuo Shini must seize the future mainstream consumer groups of 80 and 90. In order to realize this dream, Zhuo Shini will work together to gradually transform from marketing-driven brands to user-driven brands, and improve brand profitability through the purchase of handmade products and supply chain management, as well as the refined control of channels.
In 2015, the women's shoe industry was a bit “blocked,” but it was a clear sight; in 2016, the women's shoe industry is about to usher in another spring!
In 2015, when the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Yisi Q women's shoes, the brand was fully upgraded and its development momentum was positive and rapid. In 2016, Yisi Q will continue to advance to brand-driven enterprises through a series of supporting upgrades such as product innovation, management innovation, and brand innovation. With the comprehensive strength of the brand, it will win recognition from the wider market and consumer groups. Take a sustainable and benign development line.
Our pursuit of quality and comfort has always surpassed that of our peers. All shoes will not be put on the market until they pass the product safety and quality inspection of dozens of processes, thereby better ensuring the quality of each product. Picky and tested. In 2015, more and more consumers chose He Jinchang to increase shoes stores, and this year's double eleven sales in the first 30 minutes exceeded 11 million. Such achievements do not satisfy us. In 2016, we will use our advantages to create a more fashionable and high-quality brand of inner heightening shoes in China!
The pursuit of quality and comfort has never been slackened in the pursuit of quality and comfort. For many years, Bi Ai Liang Dian has been based on the principle of 'leather perfection'. From product research and development, raw material procurement, process design to consumer wear, it has always adhered to a 'true heart'. Every detail is extremely complete. 'Zhenpin'. It is this meticulousness that led Bi Ai Liang Dian women's shoes to the forefront of many peers. In 2015, Bi Ai Liang has a remarkable record. In 2016, Bi Ai Liang re-energized to find the basic point and distribute more powerful Brand charm, join the brand to join investors and earn more wealth!
The Greedy Cat brand applied in 2005 and was founded in 2009. For many years, greedy cat children's shoes have been specialized in making children's shoes for children. They are specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the growth and development of children's feet at different ages. They pay attention to science, breathability, comfort, and healthy children's shoes. In 2015, Greedy Cat also won the "Footwear Design Creative Enterprise of the Year" award: each award is an affirmation of Greedy Cat; every progress cannot be separated from the efforts of Greedy Cat staff. In 2015, I would like to thank the members of the greedy cat for their contributions and the industry's support for the greedy cat. In 2016, the greedy cat will live up to expectations and develop shoes for children that are more suitable for the healthy growth of children's feet.
Looking back on the stormy journey, Chunhua Qiushi is fruitful. We always insist on survival by quality, win customers by reputation, promote development by innovation, and create benefits by management. The value of the enterprise is realized through the efforts of employees, and the value of the individual is reflected through the success of the enterprise. Vertical and horizontal development, the foundry enterprises are strong and forward-looking, and they have been a century-old national enterprise. The accumulation of thin hair makes Voge the number one brand in the fashion life museum. Realize the great wish of "make China more fashionable, make fashion more Chinese"!
Facing the market environment of the "Internet +" era, DAMBOLO firmly believes that the innovative product marketing model is the future development of the brand. In order to be based on the brand's roots in the fierce market competition, DAMBOLO shoes adhere to the fast fashion operation model, deliver products to consumers at the fastest speed and the shortest distance, and drive the troika of speed, product and service side by side win. A keen market sense and a rapid market response mechanism are the only magic weapon for the development of shoe companies, and also the key to the rapid development of DAMBOLO. In 2015, DAMBOLO is innovating and developing. In 2016, DAMBOLO will usher in a better tomorrow!
Mr. Lin Rongzhou, Chairman of Mu Linsen: I have always believed that "good quality, products will speak for themselves, customers wear comfortable, good product reputation is the best advertising." Touching consumers with good quality and making shop partners have money to make is our goal. I dare say that everyone has been closing stores since 2014, but our brick-and-mortar business is better, which is the key reason.
Similarly, our physical store profitability was not bad in 2015. In 2016, Mulinsen will, as always, present a highly realistic offline experience to consumers, of course, do not rule out online development.
This year, even though hesitated and disturbed, there is always a force that can penetrate the haze and point forward. This power is "persistence." This year, I was asking myself, "Am I happy?" Who insisted that it wasn't a kind of happiness? In 2015, stick to it, hope is there, happiness is there. In 2016, I would like all Desway colleagues to cooperate sincerely, down-to-earth, step by step, and take the cause to a new level!
Minglang has been in business for more than 30 years, and has been committed to providing consumers with comfortable and healthy shoes, ingenuity and soul, to create a new era of wear. Facing the rapidly changing market environment, Minglang has always grasped the pulse of the market to win more business opportunities through its rapid response mechanism. In 2016, Minglang returned to the journey, based on integrity, established a brand with innovation, enlarged the company, and strengthened the brand! Here again, I wish you all the best in the year of the monkey, good luck in 2016, and good health!
Fuliansheng Shoes has been focusing on the cloth shoes industry for many years. We always pay attention to product quality and insist on "speak with products, speak with quality". After years of rapid development, the old Beijing shoe industry has gradually entered the reshuffle phase, and the market pressure has increased. In 2015, Fuliansheng Shoes Industry increased its investment in product research and development design and product quality control, and completed the diversification and structure of the store The layout and the image of the store have been upgraded, which has improved the customer experience in all directions and further enhanced the competitiveness of the store. In 2016, Fuliansheng Footwear will, as always, grasp the opportunities given by history and meet the challenges of the market! Let us feel the charm of cloth shoes culture together and create the pinnacle of cloth shoes brands!
Since the birth of HONGKEE brand in 1989, it has hundreds of brand counters across the country. On the road of development, HONGKEE people are always grateful and full of passion. With high-quality and exquisite shoes and comprehensive professional services, they bring customers an extraordinary boutique shopping experience. In 2016, we will have the courage to meet the challenge and join hands with franchisees to establish HONGKEE as a well-known national brand in China!
We always adhere to the "low-cost high-quality, create a century-old store" as our PUBGO shoe industry business philosophy, return to the vast number of consumers. In the face of an increasingly competitive market, after years of product selection, we found that only by realizing product diversity can we have an advantage in footwear. BBK men's and women's shoes can meet the needs of different stores and consumers, allowing you to join the worry-free. 2015 is over. 2016 hopes that all dealers who go hand in hand with us can succeed in the footwear industry. We sincerely look forward to your joining, and let each dealer make a profit. It is your ideal and our dream!
Bull Dynamics takes American leisure culture as the background and American Route 66 spirit: "Freedom, Bravery, Dream", advocates "Dare to Do, Enjoy" as the brand culture, and resonates with young consumers from the inside out; its personality Publicity and a maverick sense of fashion quickly gained a foothold in the market. In 2016, Bull Dynamics will use its strong scientific research team to create convenient and stable technology, dig new paths on the basis of tradition, innovate and break through, and make consumers more satisfied! 2016, grasp wealth opportunities, join hands with Bull Dynamics, and create leisure kingdom!
The Orenburg brand complies with the rules of the market. The company takes the strategic positioning of the brand as the starting point for the development of e-commerce. After several years of efforts, the current network has developed steadily and healthily. The brand began to plan and integrate the physical market business in 13 years. Channel outlets, open online and offline supply terminals, and form a "trinity" marketing strategy system of self-employed + joining + e-commerce. In the domestic men's shoes industry, it took the lead in piloting the O2O community experience store, which caused great concern in the industry and was well received by the market. After 2014, Orenburg men's shoes were shortlisted again in "2015 China's Top 10 Most Valuable Men's Shoes Brands". This is an affirmation and expectation of our Orenburg brand.
Looking back on 2015, thank you very much for your continued support and encouragement to our Orenburg. In the last few years, we have not forgotten our original intention. To be the best fashion men's shoes brand in China is not just a slogan, but also the goal of our Orenburg people. Come on, 2016, let's work together!
In the cold environment of the domestic shoe market in 2015, the reason why the Cadillac Crocodile Women's Shoes stand out is the unique charm and humane business philosophy of the world-renowned old brands. Facing 2016, we will continue to promote the advanced model of brand + factory + vertical service, make full use of the inherent advantages of Catile crocodile women's shoes in style development, direct ex-factory supply, etc., and continue to expand the operation and professional after-sales service teams. More generous support policies, let the Cadillac Crocodile women's shoes "open a family, fire a family" legend, perfectly extended!
In 2015, even though China's economic environment has entered an adjustment period, St. Enxi still believes that only concentration can create miracles! In 2015, the Saint Enxi team devoted itself to terminal operations and made major breakthroughs for the first time, especially the five-ring marketing model developed with the professor of the Peking University project team, which increased terminal sales by 131% year-on-year! In 2016, we will provide investors with more advanced profitability systems and reproducible chain management systems. We believe that with the joint efforts of people from all walks of life who love the fashion industry, the future of Chinese women's shoes will be extremely bright and vast!
There are many fashion brands in the market. In the face of a fiercely competitive market environment, Diomone has always taken customer satisfaction as the core goal of the brand, and "growth with each other, brilliant and win-win" as the corporate philosophy. Use products to convey ideas, use professional service and outstanding quality to touch customers, and use hard power to achieve the dreams of a group of dream seekers. 2015 is the harvest year for Diormoni. In 2016, Diormoni will not forget its original intention, and will work hard to raise the brand to a whole new level!
2015 is a cold winter for the footwear industry! With the large-scale decline of the industry market, the sales of Xirui can also go up against the market, with the outstanding contribution of the entire team of Xirui! The new 2016 is coming soon, and we wish you all: Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone in 2016: smooth sailing! Well-being!
In the past two years, many industries have been in recession. Under the impact of the good network, many brands have declined. In response to the fiercely competitive market, in addition to ensuring product quality, physical brands must also work hard on product development; customer stickiness The services and services are also upgraded simultaneously to differentiate from the shopping experience. After 80/90, it tends to be an era of personality. Van Dygo's products have their own functional features and rich structure, which can meet the needs of multi-group customers without leaving the brand. The main style, so the performance in 2015 is rising steadily. Pay tribute to 2015, look forward to 2016, I hope that the Van Di Gao brand will take advantage of the upward momentum of 2015, 2016 will continue to work harder to make the products and services more extreme, and a good harvest with dealer friends !
In the morning, children's shoes are not comfortable or comfortable. As an advocate of comfort in the Chinese children's shoes industry, we have always taken the focus on user needs and foot comfort experience as the core, and took the lead in innovating the business model of the children's shoes industry. In 2003, we were the first to propose the R & D and design of children's shoes based on functionality, providing breathable, non-slip, lightweight, and wear-resistant cost-effective children's shoes to improve the comfort of children. At the same time, we invested heavily in research and development in 2014. Introduced the industry's first disinfection shoe cabinet, providing customers with more secure and considerate services in sterilization, deodorization and drying. With twelve years of dedication and dedication, we are always committed to the growth of each child's foot. In 2016, we will, as always, uphold the "ingenuity".