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Belle International Holdings Limited Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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Tianmeiyi is a women's shoe brand created by Belle Women's Shoes for young women. Established in 1999 by Hong Kong Miramar Group. Hong Kong Miramar Group International Holdings Limited is specifically licensed to Belle Group for domestic production and sales. Since April 2003, Belle Group has formally acquired Tianmeiyi as a brand of Belle Group.
The Tianmeiyi brand symbolizes the young and new generation's cultural life. Its vitality and sense of time are deeply loved by young people, and it has become synonymous with "young, fashion, and leisure", and has achieved extraordinary results. The appearance of Tianmeiyi fully showed a popular change to people. The mainstream people are chasing in modern society is not only high-end brand-name products, but also those products that reflect their own value. That is: "emphasis on creativity, emphasis on personalization." Tianmeiyi has established more than 200 chain stores in major cities across the country, and is also the Chinese agent of NIKE.
"TEEN" stands for a group of new and new human beings who express their individuality, exude vitality and enjoy the colorful life of the city; "MIX" stands for mix & match, representing the casual interpretation of Tian Meiyi, creative and stylish fashion.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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