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brand introduction

The "Zero Risk Venture Capital Project" is mainly that our TS model solves the problems faced by the traditional footwear industry.
T stands for special, distinctive and distinctive fashion, and S stands for practicality and pragmatism. TS mode is particularly affordable, innovative and pragmatic.

The use of low-price Internet products with mass marketing and word-of-mouth marketing methods is applied to offline physical stores, so that consumers can afford them and feel that they have bought good quality products at a good price, regardless of whether they buy gifts or wear them themselves. Have face and don't spend too much money. Innovative and pragmatic refers to the comparison of the advantages of our projects. The high-end store decoration style, 49-199 yuan stall-style sales price, and all are reliable and high-quality genuine leather products, thus forming a strong sense of contrast for consumers. Our company integrates hundreds of well-known leather shoe factories to cooperate with us and launches thousands of leather fashion men's shoes every month to supply China's huge consumer markets in North and South to meet the market demand of investors. Returns can be made after one year of cooperation, allowing our cooperating customers to reduce inventory risk.

Join conditions

Shizun Shoes, starting at 9 yuan, specializing in men and women brand discount stores to join

Joining advantages:

Low price

The price of leather shoes is as low as 29 yuan, and the goods come from orders, regrets, and inventory of hundreds of shoe factories in Guangzhou, which are less than half of the cost of production.

High profit

The mall retails 599 yuan brand shoes, with a discounted price of 99 yuan and a profit of more than 200%; however, such consumers account for more than 70% in China.

no risk

Support 100% exchange without inventory risk; zero margin initial fee without financial pressure; after the expiry of the cooperation period, if you do not want to do it, you can return the original price, so you have no worries.


100% of the renovation fee is reimbursed; a high rebate of more than 3%; the quality guarantee policy is implemented; and a professional store promotion plan is provided to make your business worry-free.

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