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Red Dragonfly Group Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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The Red Dragonfly brand was founded in 1995. Zhejiang Red Dragonfly Shoes Co., Ltd. belongs to the Red Dragonfly Group. Creating a high-end brand with a sense of history and expressing oriental fashion is the initial dream of Red Dragonfly.
Red Dragonfly advocates the business philosophy of “Brand Opening, Culture and Industrial Development”. With the mission of “inheriting shoe culture, focusing on shoe technology, and creating customer experience”, it is unique, unremittingly digging, researching, and disseminating Chinese shoe culture. Create many national firsts: Establish the first shoe culture research center, edit and publish the first "Chinese shoe culture dictionary", publish and publish the first shoe culture series-"Oriental Footsteps", and hold the first national shoe culture Symposium, the first national shoe culture museum, the China Shoes Culture Museum, a shoe science and technology museum that showcases shoemaking technology and footwear research and development technology, builds the soft power of corporate culture, and creates the perfection of traditional culture and modern industry Combined.
Red Dragonfly has cooperated with famous domestic universities and top European and American scientific research institutions to establish a shoe technology laboratory to conduct human foot mechanics experimental research and footwear testing, and develop and produce China's first pair of sports leather shoes, the first to launch "3D" Measure shoe technology and cooperate with BASF, the world's largest chemical company, to develop high-end new shoes. In 2009, the Red Dragonfly Shoe Technology Lab was first rated as a national laboratory in the industry. At present, Red Dragonfly has the first academician workstation in China's shoe industry.

Since drinking water, Red Dragonfly has always adhered to the wealth concept of “more wealth, greater responsibility”, and has donated more than 50 million yuan to social welfare undertakings such as rural education, disaster relief and reconstruction. Red Dragonfly has been awarded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs In the first "China Charity Award", Mr. Qian Jinbo, the chairman of the company, entered the top 100 list of "Hurun China Charity Entrepreneur" for five consecutive times.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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Red Dragonfly StoreRed Dragonfly StoreRed Dragonfly StoreRed Dragonfly StoreRed Dragonfly Store

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Red Dragonfly Group

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