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Guangzhou Florence Shoes Co., Ltd. Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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The American "Playboy" brand from the beginning of the high-end brand in 1953, has gradually moved towards the people-friendly route, from celebrities, political figures, down to ordinary consumers, everyone has a "Playboy" in the heart, it has become a global One of the most popular brands. In 1973, after the rapid development of the Playboy brand, the problem of unclear positioning gradually emerged, and high-end customers continued to be lost. In order to meet the needs of high-end consumers, the founder Hugh Hefner has also bred a distinguished series based on the "Playboy" brand-"VIP Playboy" and "Playboy GOLF" series, with fashionable styles, Selected fabrics and top-quality workmanship are well-known in the European and American markets. It is this creative spirit combined with a unique understanding of enjoying a quality life that has made "American Playboy" a glorious today and an imaginative tomorrow.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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Guangzhou Florence Shoes Co., Ltd.

Address of Company: Jiahe District Telecom Building, Guangzhou

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Company Website: http://kejietieyiweilan.com/playboy-brand/

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