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Pilz Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is one of China's most unique brand-name sports goods companies. Pilz is self-produced and sold, and a unified monopoly sales network is growing. It meets popular purchasing power with world-class quality and professionalism. Provide casual sports products series. For example, sports shoes, casual shoes, sports clothing, socks, bags, professional tennis rackets, etc. The design and development team of Pilz products is not only high professional, but also keeps up with the world's fashion Trends have created a new look for the Chinese sports and leisure market. Facts have proved that Pilz has received comments from the "football shoes king", "best casual shoes", "I only buy Pilz!" And so on in the market, not just reactions To the degree of consumer satisfaction, but also to everyone who worked hard for Pilz to encourage everyone. So in 1997 won the Wuhan China ...

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  • Pilz casual shoes, 01 new arrival

    Pilz casual shoes, 01 new arrival ...

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