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"Breaking the circle" with IP marketing, 361 degrees strive to return to the first camp

中国鞋网 http://kejietieyiweilan.com/ 2019-12-11 08:08:44 Source: Xinhuanet China Shoes Network http://kejietieyiweilan.com/

[ China Shoe Net -Industry News] Recently, Chinese boxer Xu Can shot a dense 1562 punch on the boxing ring in California, USA, which not only successfully defended the world champion, but also won 361 degrees of sponsorship behind him. Although, the 361 degrees that once stood side by side with Anta , Li Ning and Xtep are obviously "lost" in market value. But this year, 361-degree international running shoes became popular in Europe and the United States, with Gundam joint names, tribute to the Air Force joint names, and basketball entering the community.

Although the performance has steadily increased, 3 61 degrees. / A> 氚 蔡 ぁ a href = "http://kejietieyiweilan.com/li-ning-brand/" target = "blank"> Li Ning , Xtep and other domestic brands Facing fierce competition in the same city. On the track where sports shoes and clothing have huge growth space, how can 361 degrees cope with the challenges and return to the first camp of domestic brands?

Former Head Enterprise

3 61 degrees / a> Founded in 3 years, soon won the title of "Chinese famous brand". In 2006, 361 Degrees became a CCTV live broadcast partner of 2007-2008 sports events, and was also awarded the "2005-2006 Forbes China Potential Enterprise 100".

Taking advantage of the "spring breeze" of the Beijing Olympic Games, domestic sports brand enterprises ushered in a golden period of development from 2008 to 2012. 361 Degrees raced around the country, increased advertising investment, set up more stores, and the market value once exceeded 10 billion Hong Kong dollars.

In 2012, the domestic sportswear industry began to tighten. Public information shows that in the first half of 2012 alone, the total inventory value of more than 40 listed apparel companies including Anta , Li Ning, 361 Degrees and Xtep reached 48.3 billion yuan. This year, 3 61 degrees / a>   枷  枷  晔  晔 Di Zhong  Zhao  5.1 billion yuan, down 11.10% compared to 2011.

The industry began to pick up in 2015, and its 361-degree operating performance also bottomed out. The semi-annual report shows that in the first half of 2019, 3 61 degrees will be 400 million yuan, an increase of 7.3% year-on-year; the profit attributable to equity holders will be 367 million yuan, an increase of 9.7% year-on-year; earnings per share It was RMB 17.8 cents, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%; the net profit margin increased to 11.3%. Related performance is significantly better than the same period last year.

However, on November 14, 361 degrees caused a 38.13% collapse in the stock price because KPMG resigned as the company's auditor the day before. After more than half a month of repairs, the company's stock price has now returned to the upward trajectory, indicating that the previous plunge was only an increase in market sentiment, and investors are still optimistic about the company's prospects.

Guoyuan Securities pointed out in the research report that the company's new product revenue growth is not the most important at the initial stage. If this can reverse the past brand impression of consumers, especially younger groups, it will bring the role of drainage, and Marketing and other means to increase the conversion rate can bring long-term brand image enhancement and greater profit growth in the future.

"Breaking the Circle" with IP Marketing

How to attract young consumer groups and improve product premium capabilities is an important issue facing 361 Degrees. To this end, 361 Degrees has explored an IP co-branded integrated marketing path.

On June 24, 2019, more than 100,000 fans were waiting in front of computers and mobile phones, waiting for the sale moment. At 10 am, the product was on the shelves and sold out in less than 1 second-this is not the snap-up of a concert ticket for a celebrity, but the 361 degree launch of the Gundam Edition joint custom gift box.

3 61 degrees. A joint case of Ping Gundam P Gundam is a successful case. Choosing up to this co-branded object is the first step in 361-degree IP co-branded marketing : precisely targeting the target population. As an IP to accompany the growth of the younger generation, Gundam has great influence on the young consumer group. A href = "http://kejietieyiweilan.com/kenol-brand/" target = "blank"> Conner Α6 叽 锏 姆鬯 KE 禾 度 ∈ 粲 degree target audience.

In the marketing model, 361 Degrees focused its marketing resources on the pre-heating stage, set up a limited gift box reservation mechanism, used the pre-sale information to stir the topic, and combined the online Tmall platform to promote resource drainage.

Offline, 361 Degrees has built Gundam pop-up stores and launched its products to trendy stores such as Sanlitun Solestage, spreading the topic from the core fan circle to the trend and sports circle.

In order to enable IP to be more effectively empowered, 361 Degrees turned the communication language of IP into a design language and restored the classics in product design. At the same time, focus on the needs of the audience, design a variety of products with different functions, covering sportswear and sneakers.

The sincere design of the co-branded product and the multi-contact propagation simultaneously exerted force, which eventually led to an explosion in sales. According to statistics, the Gundam series limited gift box has already received 64,444 reservations before it is officially launched, and it will be sold out 1 second after the sale. The cumulative sales of the event exceeded 11.06 million yuan, with 75,393 sales on the 3rd. The “tap water” content on the Internet of fans and trendsetters on the Internet has formed an excellent word-of-mouth effect, allowing brand information to spread and penetrate in different circles, and enhancing the brand identity of young consumer groups.

Recently, 361 Degrees has been frequently co-branded, and has launched a lot of classic IP co-branded names. Zheng Yexin, general manager of 361 Degrees Brand Business Management Center, said: "The most important medium of marketing is the product. Ultimately, the product itself must become a story, with high-quality story products that resonate with young consumers and this era." Therefore, the attributes are joined together. Brand, let the product become the media of communication, is the secret of 361 degrees to create explosive models.

Breaking the track apart

On June 18 this year, 361 Degrees announced its rebranding plan on the tenth anniversary of its listing. 361 Degrees will launch the "Basketball into the Community" project, which will achieve the goal of deploying 1,000 basketball courts in the next three years.

361 Degrees hopes to deepen the field of basketball to shift the main consumer force from low-end markets to first-tier and second-tier cities. November 11th, 3 61 degrees. / A> Lu Lu, fierce and persistent earthworms, shells, dumb shirts and sacrifice, sulfone traces, good health guards, grasshoppers, and even forgiveness.

Layout of the basketball market has its strategic necessity, but compared to the "Red Sea" market such as deep-cultivating basketball, 361 Degrees hopes to find another way in the segmented field.

In January 2019, 3 61 degrees. / A> In the tibial discharge  锍 锍 锍 锍 锍 拗  锍 拗  拗  拗  拗  拗  U 鳌 鳌 鳌 鳌 馐 馐 淮 淮 淮 淮 淮 淮 淮 难 难 难 难 难 难 难  髟 谥  髟 谥  髟 谥  髟 谥  髟 谥  髟 谥  切 切     谛 觳  谛 觳        fierce 奘 饕 饕 饕 饕 饕 竦 竦 竦 竦 竦 竦      频 频 频    

Facts have proven that 361 degrees has become a big winner. In the ten months since then, Xu Can has won the World Boxing Championship gold belt three times in a row, setting three new records for Chinese professional boxing in one fell swoop.

In this process, 361 Degrees not only won super high exposure and brand reputation, but also more strategically, it quickly seized a comprehensive training product track that doubled the consumption scale and gradually released the consumption potential.

"Now everyone is fighting the running and basketball markets, these 361 degrees are also doing, but they have not formed an absolute advantage. In the field of boxing, we hope to use high-quality resources like Xu Can to make the comprehensive training category the representative of the 361 degree image. One. "Said Zheng Yexin, general manager of 361 Brand Management Center.

Previously, Ding Huan, Chairman of the 361 Degrees Group, increased its holdings of 361,552,800 shares and 1 million shares, with a total amount of approximately HK $ 2.0351 million. Some in the industry believe that the increase in holding shares passes 361 degrees to stabilize the capital market and continue to reshape the brand's determination.

The determination is reflected in investment. The 361 Degrees 2018 Annual Report shows that in adversity, 361 Degrees R & D spending not only has not been reduced, but has increased significantly. In 2018, 361-degree R & D expenditure was 215 million yuan, accounting for 4.1% of annual revenue, compared with 173 million yuan in 2017, accounting for 3.4% of revenue. The R & D expenditure ratio of 361 degrees exceeds that of Anta Sports and Xtep International, which have published annual reports.

In the future, how to make breakthroughs in marketing and channels, tell a good brand story, and let more consumers discover the brand value is the key to returning to the first camp of domestic sports brands.

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