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Hongdou Group: Different types of international trade and foreign trade forces to achieve "double-digit" growth

中国鞋网 http://kejietieyiweilan.com/ 2019-12-10 08:08:19 Source: Economic Network China Shoes Network http://kejietieyiweilan.com/
[ China Shoes Net - Shoes and Clothing Information] "A kite flying high is upwind, not downwind. The direction of the upwind is more suitable for flying." This sentence is the true aspiration of the Red Bean Foreign Traders who worked hard this year.
The trade war initiated by the United States has been going on for more than a year, and the textile industry has inevitably been affected and affected. Due to the uncertainty of future expectations, American customers have taken production suspension requirements for some orders that have been placed, and have a wait-and-see attitude towards subsequent orders. Some orders originally produced in China were transferred to Southeast Asian factories in large quantities. US customers preferred Vietnam with low labor costs. Vietnam ’s factories have become more powerful in order-to-order and become competitors in China ’s garment processing foreign trade. In this context, the export of red beans also faces severe challenges, like sailing against the water, and retreating if you do not advance. Advance or retreat? It's about development, there is no choice. In the face of heavy pressure, Hongdou's foreign trade people are not afraid of difficulties and face challenges. Through pioneering and innovative measures, the risks have been effectively dispersed. Not only have they risen against the trend, they have run out of double-digit strong growth, but they have also forged their own in the development process. The unique advantage has hit the market competitiveness of Hongdou's foreign trade, which has also become the “hard core” competitive strength of Hongdou's foreign trade.
As early as ten years ago, the Red Bean Group actively responded to the country's call to "go global", and developed the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone in Cambodia, which also became an important pivot for the deployment of Red Bean in Southeast Asia. Hongdou's foreign trade sector plans ahead, and as early as 2002, it set up a branch in New York, the United States for the first time, and then set up branches in Phnom Penh, Singapore, and Spain. In November of this year, the Red Bean Myanmar Office was formally established, and each of its overseas branches has its own functions and functions, providing solid protection for customer development and services, as well as production, procurement, and capital circulation. At present, Red Bean Foreign Trade fully utilizes the advantages of New York, Spain, and Singapore's external offices, implements detailed customer development and maintenance, and implements the strategy of "maintaining existing customers and developing more new markets", and actively promotes the Nordic, German, and French , Australia, Italy and other non-US markets. At present, the European market accounts for the largest proportion, reaching 50-60%, the US market accounts for 35%, and the Japanese market accounts for about 10% -15%. The market distribution is more balanced, which effectively improves the company's ability to resist risks.
Complementing the advantages of the global layout to create the "best combination" solution. With the advantages of the early layout, red beans also gained the advantages of the supply chain in the export trade link, paralleling the domestic supply chain, forming internal and external linkages and complementary advantages.
In the Westport Special Zone of Cambodia, a specialized suit factory has been set up in the Red Bean Foreign Trade sector. At the same time, a large number of advanced equipment have been invested to meet customers' production requirements for the complex process of suits, which has further improved the factory's garment production level. At present, Cambodia's international garment factories have a total of 6 garment lines, and the production capacity has increased to 700,000 pieces / year. At the same time, strategic cooperation factories have been set up in Phnom Penh and Myanmar, and the production ratio has been continuously increased to take advantage of the cost advantages of abundant labor resources and low prices in Southeast Asia.
At the same time, it will further promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic production factories in the direction of digitalization and intelligence. Through systematic and professional training, improve the technical level of production workers and build domestic factories into high-quality production bases. The multi-layered and layered production layout provides guarantee and support for customers' personalized production solutions.
Linking assessment, research and development, innovation, focus on "realizing" strength, research and development, innovation is the eternal key word of Hongdou's foreign trade. From fabric to style, from design to production,
All research and development must be based on customer needs and pain points, such as increasing innovation in fabrics, functions, styles, environmental protection, etc., to meet customers' increasing "quality requirements".
In terms of research and development management, relying on group-level incentives for individual and team patent inventions and patent declarations, the foreign trade sector changes from time to time. It attaches importance to the evaluation of research and development personnel's performance and market linkages, encourages the contribution of new products to overall sales, and greatly mobilizes the whole. Initiative of employees in R & D and innovation. Among them, sales transformation through research and development has resulted in tangible sales performance. In the first half of this year, the cationic polyester ammonia jersey and four-sided stretch shorts developed by the foreign trade team became "explosives" for customers' orders, with a total of 288,000 and 625,000 orders respectively.
Not only that, through years of construction and accumulation, Hongdou Foreign Trade has also formed its own fabric library, proactively recommending production and purchasing solutions suitable for its marketing characteristics to customers, in order to give customers more diversified choices, enhance customer value, and win Customers' high trust.
Taking the initiative to focus on customer needs "gluing" customers "travel", "visiting customers", "quotation plan", "order transfer" are high-frequency words in the daily work of foreign trade personnel. Regularly recommend fabrics, styles, purchases, and production solutions to customers, reply to emails without interruption 24 hours, respond to customer needs anytime, anywhere, and at the fastest speed, and do their best to serve customers to the utmost. Work normal.
In the business port of Hongdou Foreign Trade, each position needs to cooperate and cooperate. Based on understanding the customer's professional field, according to the product's process easiness, quality requirements, delivery urgency, and quantity, etc., it provides customers with one to two. An optimal solution for customers to choose.
Integrate and optimize the supply chain, refine and upgrade supplier ratings, fully tap the factory's production potential for small orders and high value-added orders, and obtain more price advantages through centralized procurement and combined billing. Really strengthen the stickiness with customers. Only through such running-in and running-out will the distance with customers be shortened, and it is this intimate service and communication that can better win the trust of customers.
Over the years, with the differentiated services of foreign trade, foreign trade has cultivated a group of loyal customers and large customers, and maintained a good and sustained cooperative relationship. In addition, talent team construction and risk prevention and control are also important magic weapons for adversarial growth of Hongdou's foreign trade. The company vigorously introduces high-quality talents, and through the "829" talent echelon training model, excavates all responsible, motivated and responsible business backbones, and a number of typical "working methods" have emerged. Including: "find a million customers from a pile of scrap business cards", "from obscurity to big customers who have achieved millions of dollars", etc., each "working method" vividly wrote the red bean foreign trade people dare to dare to dare to fight, brave The bravery and responsibility of innovation.
Only by taking precautions can we prevent problems before they occur. Facing the complicated international foreign trade environment, Red Bean Foreign Trade has strengthened compliance construction and risk management and has introduced a number of compliance management systems and regulatory documents. It has also introduced various encouragement policies for Cambodia and Myanmar offices to improve the resistance of its subsidiaries. Shock capability and anti-risk capability, formulated multiple plans at the same time to prevent disputes and ensure the security and control of foreign trade business.
We are always successful, and we are always on the move. Embracing change and looking at the big picture are issues that every enterprise, especially foreign trade enterprises, must face. In the era of globalization, international economic integration is becoming more and more tight. At the same time, the economic situation is also unpredictable, and the "butterfly effect" is more frequent and obvious. With variable strain, random strain. Hongdou foreign trade people will always adhere to continuous exploration, the strength of their knowledge will be more advanced, and the depth of knowledge will be more effective. Only by constantly innovating, focusing on customer needs, and creating a "hard core" competitiveness that suits itself, can we make waves in the turbulent international market and move forward.
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