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The nation's first group standard for elderly shoes gives shoe companies a "rule"

中国鞋网 http://kejietieyiweilan.com/ 2019-12-06 15:15:32 Source: Entrepreneurs Daily China Shoes Network http://kejietieyiweilan.com/

,中国消费者报上海讯(记者刘浩)近年来,越来越多的老年人参与到健步行、休闲游等户外活动中,对舒适合脚的鞋子的需求日益增加。 China Shoes Net, December 06 , China Consumer News Shanghai (Reporter Liu Hao) In recent years, more and more elderly people have participated in outdoor activities such as walking and leisure, and there is an increasing demand for comfortable and comfortable shoes. increase. However, because the country and the industry have not issued product standards for elderly shoes, this has also led to mixed products. As the most economically developed region in China, the Yangtze River Delta has a higher average life expectancy than other regions and a large number of elderly people. After the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta Consumer Protection Committee Alliance, based on the actual needs of the elderly consumer group, in response to the current high attention of elderly shoe products and the problems of exaggerated publicity, lack of standards, and incomplete rules, the elderly shoes were identified as the first joint comparative experimental project, and Promote Shanghai Leather Technology Association to start group standard project.

The nation's first group standard for elderly shoes gives shoe companies a "rule"

The Consumer Protection Committee of the Yangtze River Delta released the results of a comparative test of elderly shoes. Liu Hao / Photo

On October 9th, the Yangtze River Delta Consumer Protection Committee Alliance released the comparative test results. The group standards for "Old Man's Shoes" were reviewed by experts and released at the same time. In this comparison test, 80 elderly shoe samples were purchased from e-commerce platforms such as JD.com, Tmall, Suning, and physical stores in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui. The samples had anti-folding performance, outsole wear resistance, slip resistance, hardness, Weight and other indicators were tested. The results show that the elderly shoes are generally lighter and more non-slip than ordinary casual shoes, but there is no obvious correlation between weight and quality; there is a significant difference in rebound and hardness between samples in terms of comfort; It is resistant to folding and abrasion; in addition, many samples lack important information on the packaging.

The group standards of "Old People's Shoes" entrusted by the Alliance not only regulates old people's shoes from 7 performance indicators such as outsole abrasion resistance, folding resistance, lining and inner pad friction color fastness, but also according to the characteristics of the elderly, The addition of the requirement that no accessible sharp edges and sharp tips are added, filling the industry gap, is another beneficial attempt of the alliance to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers from the level of rulemaking and system design.

According to reports, the selection of elderly shoes as the Alliance's first joint comparative test project and the promotion of group standards have three aspects of significance: First, care and protection of special consumer groups. As the most economically developed region in China, the Yangtze River Delta has the largest number of elderly consumer groups. Paying attention to the consumer needs of elderly consumers will give them more sense of gain, happiness, and security. The second is to meet changes in consumer demand and improve quality. Elderly shoes have formed a subdivision industry of footwear. Enterprises each implement different production technology standards. There is a large difference in the quality of goods. Merchants' selling points are also likely to be misleading to consumers. Comparative experiments promote healthy competition and technological innovation in the industry, and are conducive to providing consumers with more high-quality goods. The third is to lead the industry to a healthy and high-quality development based on standards. The group logo has clarified the special functional requirements and technical indicators of elderly shoes, and has been recognized by more than 50 enterprises in 9 provinces (municipalities) including Henan, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, and Sichuan, and promised to implement them.

In the next step, the Yangtze River Delta Consumer Protection Committee Alliance will shift the focus of consumer rights protection from the consumer end to the industrial end, complying with the general trend of consumption upgrade, and closely follow the consumption hotspots in the Yangtze River Delta, especially the emerging standards in which related standards and rules are still blank. To provide consumers with objective, authoritative and valuable consumer information.

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