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Your present location: Home > News Center > Shoe Industry Trends > High-end children's clothing brand Monnalisa opens a new store in Taiwan, China, and continues to expand in the Asia-Pacific market

High-end children's wear brand Monnalisa opens new store in Taiwan

中国鞋网 http://kejietieyiweilan.com/ 2019-10-31 08:08:47 Source: Hualizhi China Shoes Network http://kejietieyiweilan.com/

[ China Shoes Net - Shoes and Clothing News] Italian high-end children's clothing brand Monnalisa announced that it will open a new store in Taiwan, China, and continue to strengthen its layout in the Asia-Pacific region.

This new store is located in Taipei's Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Shopping Center, covering an area of 72 square meters. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi has a total of 21 stores, with more than 1,900 brand names, and attracts more than 100 million visitors each year. The interior design of the new specialty store is also full of Monnalisa style. The pink floor is matched with the flower wall decorated with rose gold. The glass display cabinet, pink leather seats and two large light boxes create a refined retro atmosphere for the entire store. .

The new store is part of Monnalisa's strategy to build an Asia-Pacific layout. Other strategies include opening new stores in Guam and Istanbul, and doubling the size of stores in Hong Kong, China.

Christian Simoni, CEO of Monnalisa, said: "In our development plan, the Asian market is of great strategic significance. Following the signing of a cooperation agreement with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in July, the opening of the new Taipei store will further strengthen our presence in the Asia Pacific The influence is also in line with our goal of leveraging synergy between online and offline channels. Monnalisa already has 13 stores in the Asia-Pacific region. We firmly believe in the growth potential of this market and high-quality Italian fashion attracts local customers. Group, and favored by customers with high spending power. "

About Monnalisa SpA

Founded by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci in 1968, the two founders currently serve as the company's board chairman and creative director. Unlike other luxury brands, Monnalisa has always focused exclusively on children's fashion apparel. In the 1970s, the colors and tailoring of most children's clothing on the market at that time were monotonous and boring, just like reducing the size of adult clothing for children. In 1978, Barbara Bertocci, the creative director, designed Monnalisa's first collection with pink as the main color and flower motifs as the main elements. Barbara Bertocci loves flowers very much, and her favorite is roses. As such, roses are both a source of inspiration for Monnalisa product design and a signature element of the brand.

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