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Wenzhou Longwan Nature Shoes Co., Ltd. Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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Sensitive fashion sense and quick market response are prerequisites for leading the market share. JOSINY has been working closely with a number of Italian and French shoe and clothing designers. The independent research and development team often walks on the streets of fashion cities such as Europe, America, Japan, and Hong Kong to understand the trend of new trends. The local needs of the market provide fashionable and comfortable products for modern women.
JOSINY women's shoes are comfortable, free and easy, fashionable, modern and diversified design styles, combining the spirit of freedom of the Renaissance, the fashion style of the Mediterranean coast, the elegant holiday of Rome, the style is diverse, the details are perfect, bringing together modern women The desire of fashionable women's shoes meets the exciting and changing life needs of today's white-collar workers at work, highlights the free and confident personality, and truly realizes a free experience.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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Joshini StoreJoshini StoreJoshini StoreJoshini StoreJoshini Store

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Wenzhou Longwan Nature Shoes Co., Ltd.

Company address: Wenzhou Longwan No. 3 Industrial Zone

Contact: Zhuo Shini

Postal code:

Company website: http://kejietieyiweilan.com/josiny-brand/

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