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The "greedy cat" brand applied in 2005 and was founded in 2009. Greedy cat kids shoes, specially made for children. Specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of children's feet growth and development at different ages, pay attention to science, breathable, comfortable, healthy children's shoes suitable for children. The cute and lively greedy cat with the logo design is loved by children and grows happily with children. The greedy cat has dozens of new styles every year, a variety of color styles, leisure series, sports series, outdoor series to meet the needs of the general public. The brand concept adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, customer first, openness, mutual trust,". Taking honesty as an important foundation for creating a famous brand, customers can be assured and satisfied in terms of product price, quality and business dealings. Adhering to the management concept of "quality is the life of the company, innovative and pragmatic, and constantly surpassing," the company implements comprehensive quality management, starting from the procurement of raw materials, formulating quantitative standards for product production processes, and implementing a strict process management system for the production process. Realize the business philosophy of seeking survival with innovation and promoting development with brand. The greedy cat upholds the endless pursuit of quality, the dedication to the cause, the design concept of "people", excellent product research and development, and constantly improves product quality and brand image. Product introduction Greedy cat design, research and development, production as one. The greedy cat children's shoes insist on the use of scientific, healthy, environmentally friendly raw materials, and take care of each child's feet, so that the child's development process, more healthy and comfortable. The upper adopts elastic mesh, PU leather, suede not only has moisture absorption characteristics, chemical resistance, uniform quality, large production and processing adaptability, waterproof, mildew resistance, elegant appearance, good breathability, and comfortable wearing Wear-resistant, with super strong sweat and moisture wicking properties, keep the inside of the shoe dry even when strenuous exercise, without covering your feet; the sole adopts MD sole and TPR to reduce the vibration caused by exercise, and also relieve fatigue caused by exercise , The grip is more stable, wear-resistant and non-slip, making sports more secure. The MD is lightweight, flexible, thin, soft, and easy to clean. TPR is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comfortable to the touch, and exquisite in appearance, making the product more creative. High-viscosity Velcro, comfortable feel, no lacing, no lint, long service life, strong staying power, simple and convenient. The internal force adopts nano deodorization and mildew-proof technology, which is soft and comfortable, effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, and relieves foot fatigue. Super strong drainage and sweat absorption, make children's feet more comfortable, healthier and care, starting from the details.

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