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Hongxing Erke Group Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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Group profile Hongxing Erke Group was founded in June 2000, is a leading domestic sports brand. The Group currently has two global brands, "Hongxing Erke" and "ERKE". Its products include sports shoes, sportswear and a full range of sports accessories. The group has nearly 10,000 employees, equipped with 19 international shoe production lines, with an annual output of 17 million pairs of sports shoes. In 2005, Hongxingerke successfully listed in Singapore, becoming the first domestic sports brand to be listed abroad. In 2007, Hongxing Erke put forward the brand spirit of “TO BE No.1”, sponsored the North Korean Olympic delegation, and started the internationalization of Hongxing Erke brand with an international brand marketing strategy.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "down-to-earth, extraordinary interpretation", Hongxing Erke has rapidly risen in the domestic and international markets and has achieved outstanding achievements. It has successively obtained "China Famous Brand", "China Famous Brand", "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands", " Top 10 influential brands in the Chinese industry "," Top 500 Asian Brands "," Forbes Asia Top 200 "and other honors.

People-oriented, technological innovation. Hongxing Erke is committed to the research and development and production of professional scientific and technological sports equipment, to enhance high sports performance, and to promote the dissemination and progress of human sports civilization as its corporate mission. At the beginning of its establishment, it established a brand strategy of "leading technology" and established the first domestic It has a complete product research and development and technology research center, and has taken the lead in cooperating with the world's top sports research institutions to establish a domestic top-level biomechanical laboratory. It is the first domestic sports brand led by science and technology. Its independent research and development of GDS ground shock absorption system and other sports technologies are at the leading level in the domestic industry.

Establishing a century-old enterprise and a century-old international brand are the unswerving goals of Hongxing Erke. In order to build the world's leading sports brand, To Be No.1, its spiritual connotation deeply fits the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher and stronger". In the same year, Hongxing Erke fully launched the Olympic strategy, becoming a "Korea Olympic Committee Global Partner" and sponsoring the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games' first gold "48kg weightlifting." In 2008, Hongxing Erke widely cooperated with international high-end sports events, landed in the NBA, joined the La Liga league, and cooperated with the International Table Tennis Federation to sponsor the Qatar Open Championship, laying a solid foundation for brand internationalization and actively moving towards brand internationalization. near.

At the same time, Hongxing Erke actively sponsored domestic and international top tennis events such as the International Women's Tennis Series and the Chinese Tennis Grand Prix to support the development of Chinese tennis. From 2005 to 2008, Hongxing Erke sponsored the WTA Guangzhou Women's Tennis Open; in 2006 and 2007, it sponsored the International Women's Tennis Series for two consecutive years; in 2007 and 2008, it continuously sponsored the China Tennis Grand Prix. In 2009, with the ATP1000 Masters Tournament permanently settled in Shanghai and becoming the highest level tennis tournament in Asia, Hongxing Erke made a big punch and became the official clothing partner of the 2009-2013 Shanghai ATP1000 Masters Tournament.

"Hongye has spread its wings, and it has gone a long way, and its wings have been overwhelmed." In the future, Hongxing Erke will continue to pursue excellence and participate in sports events with a more active attitude. It is committed to supporting and promoting the development of China's sports industry and grasping the history Opportunity, forge ahead, continue to create new glory, work hard to build a world brand, and strive to build Hongxing Erke into a leading global apparel brand.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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Hongxing Erke Group

Company Address: Hongxing Erke Group, 2nd Floor, Block A, N-dimensional Space Jingtu Building, No. 1819, Luling Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian

Contact: Marketing Department

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Company Website: http://kejietieyiweilan.com/erke-brand/

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