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DSAYDLN TOWN is a beautiful small town in southern Corsica on the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its special geographical location, it was historically ruled by the Romans, Pisa, and the Republic of Genoa. The town of Desai Dilun has been baptized many times by the war, but the people of Desai Dilun have been self-improving and working hard to maintain their territorial integrity, and the city has been destroyed and built repeatedly. Today, what we see is the large European-style architectural complex formed by the continuous reconstruction and expansion of the town of Desai Dilun. The town gave special meaning to Napoleon I when he delivered a war mobilization speech in 1793. "Faith, resilience, persistence, and victory" gradually became synonymous with the town, and it was widely extolled by future generations.
Corsica is a land of passion. Visitors can enjoy the warm blue waters, the romantic local customs, the magnificent Baroque church and the beautiful town of Desai Dilun. Its unique life concept and its respect for freedom and personality Every year, innovative, unique styles attract a large number of people from all over the world to go sightseeing and study. Aspire for people who seek independence and freedom around the world. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the town's rapidly developing handicraft industry and tourism industry have always led the world trend, its profound understanding of fashion elements and its scrupulous quality, and are revered by sensitive and discerning modern people, gradually becoming elegant taste and unlimited. Symbol of living lifestyle.

Today, Desai Dilun Footwear adheres to the spirit of self-confidence and tenacity in Desai Dilun Town, and strives to build a spiritual force that combines "faith, resilience, persistence and invincibility" to operate "Desai Dilun" brand. Carry forward the town's excellent quality and tenacious fighting spirit, and combine modern people's appreciation concepts and value orientations to create a unique brand image with its own personality.

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