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Yongxinglong Children's Products Factory was established in 1999 in Sihui City, Guangdong Province. It is a diversified business enterprise integrating five major centers of independent research and development design, administration, finance, production processing and marketing of children's footwear industry. After ten years of practice and exploration, Yongxinglong has a highly innovative and experienced shoe designer. It develops and produces baby shoes, children's shoes, and children's shoes that are popular, healthy and comfortable in different seasons and styles. They are confident and stable. Active elite team, Yongxinglong's products are exported to all over the world, including Europe and the United States. Brazil is Yongxinglong's largest export market. At present, Huang Bingquan, the founder of Yongxinglong, has shifted the focus of foreign sales to the domestic market for ten years. Strongly open the domestic new generation of children's independent brand <迪 猫 之 梦> Di cat's dream New era brand road, at the same time, a new integration of product design, supply chain, retail chain operation, the establishment of a comprehensive. Comprehensive service network and other strategic promotion, to further enhance the brand Operational efficiency. In response to the huge domestic children's market demand, Yongxinglong set off its marketing headquarters and flagship flagship store in Guangzhou, China's fashion capital, spreading across the country's first-, second-, and third-tier cities. At the same time, science and technology innovation is the core driving force In pursuit of the "extreme quality standard. Unique creativity", showing the characteristics of natural, lively and romantic, combined with the unique style perspective of contemporary children, design a new generation of open and unified sense of harmony. Yongxinglong keeps in mind the promise of "Dimao Dream, Dikuao-Best Children's Shoes", adhering to the concept of "integrity as life, product as guide", and devoted itself to building Yongxinglong's most professional sales platform, Strive to build the main capabilities of baby shoes, children's shoes, children's boots, fashion children's shoes, and children's industry, actively play product sales and expand social trade steadily and appropriately. Yongxinglong people have never been afraid of challenges. They will create a multi-category depth, from the single shoe manufacturing in the past to a new situation in the field of children's clothing, and create unique and diversified products, and build a strong brand. Yongxinglong firmly believes that After the storm, we have reasons to believe that we will definitely build a current professional service platform in Yongxinglong, and we will write a more gorgeous chapter in Yongxinglong's journey to create domestic first-class children's clothing! Yongxinglong will give Chinese children bring more confidence and courage, more dreams come true!

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Address: 307, Hengfeng Commercial Building, No. 8 Xiqiao Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou