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Li Ning: I don't want to be a CEO, I want to be a founder of a company


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[ China Shoes Net -Elite Figures] Talk about the ignition

The one that was almost real was successful

Q: This year is the 10th anniversary of the Beijing Olympics. Do you have any special memories about 2008?

Li Ning: Memory is ignited.

Question: I heard that you go out at 12 in the evening for a month and practice for one night.

Li Ning: Because at that time I treated myself as an athlete. This is the honor of the country. For the first time in history, the Olympic Games were held. This task falls to me, and it is also my glory. There is no other idea, just to do things well. Because it's a show, it can't fail, so not only me, but the entire torch team is under great pressure. It was completely in a month that I continued to modify the movements and practiced the exercises to the last point, and the success was almost true. Before that, I had to rely on assistance, so it was quite risky.

Q: What do you mean by some assistance?

Li Ning: Tied with a rope, hanging with a thick rope, or relying on other things. In fact, it is difficult to do that in the air, because it is necessary to keep the body straight and the torch is heavy.

Q: How did you live on August 8th?

Li Ning: I sat inside after going to the bird's nest very early, so we don't know what happened outside, and when we were there, we went out to complete that action.

Question: Did your body do these moves at that time, did you have a hard time running that lap?

Li Ning: It was difficult at the time. At that time, I was 45 years old, and I could not exercise normally. This requires you to have strong physical control, so you still need some training. I lost about 10 pounds during the training.

Q: I heard about something and said that after you set off the fire, Adidas went to the Olympic Organizing Committee to make a complaint that night.

Li Ning: This is their business, it has nothing to do with me. Because ignition is not a commercial activity. The first is the culture of the host country. Adi said that they would not care too much (just care about it), but just said (a bit). Adi and the International Olympic Committee are perennial partners, and they also have a heart.

Talk about return

Someone has to lead them into charge

Question: You have returned to the company at the end of 2014. I heard that at the beginning you actually wanted to find a professional manager, but he asked for more than 100 million?

Li Ning: Yes, the amount of money is another matter. The important thing is that it is a very good manager. In fact, I looked for a while, looked for two or three, and later decided this Spanish. He was a retailer at the time and has accumulated a wealth of experience in Greater China. At that time, they were about to sign a contract, but the entire board of directors and shareholders had a little pressure. I thought about it a bit more seriously, so I did not sign.

Q: The company had a big rebound at the time?

Li Ning: Yes, shareholders, directors, and some employees of the company are against it. This rebound is not aimed at him, mainly because of the level of Li Ning Company. If a professional manager comes in, I'm afraid he can't play it. Chinese local manager has his good place, there are very bad place, a lot of bad habits, bad habits. Chinese employees are willing to be like the blind, the need for people to lead the way, and they like a candle, they need people to light up. So you have to have a person to ignition, a person must have led them to charge forward, so that efficiency will be out.

If we did not have the modern enterprise operational mechanism, then a high level of professional managers to lead such an organization, he does not get support, efficiency will be low. Which is not to say for the individual, but this may well be delayed we will be running two or three years.

Q: Do you feel like you are the one who sparking it?

Li Ning: That is not necessarily (laughs). Many of them want me to come back, of course, first stabilize the military, I was the founder. Second, I am a sports person, there are a lot of resources and ideas. Third, in fact, our team in daily operations or can.

Q: They say that you would like a mascot for the company as of the present.

Li Ning: Yes (laughs). Up a business, there must be a special founder of resources, skills, emotional, but after the big face greater competition in the market, family workshops are incompetent. So just started doing this business, my goal would hope to establish a professional team, that time is that they have consciously stepped back.

I had too famous, too famous after it, there will be old in your fame to do next. You can see (founder) famous, which products to sell well? It must be a channel for the supply chain that makes this business can do. So you can't rely on the founder.

Q: Was the company first for you at that time?

Li Ning: Of course it is the first one, but this first place is two meters, for example, and the second place is one meter eighty-nine, so other things also take up a lot of my time.

Q: What about now?

Li Ning: Now the company is 10 meters, the others have become one or two meters (laughs).

Q: When you decided to return, where did you make the final decision?

Li Ning: I have always been in the company, but at that time I was responsible for external affairs. Later, the financial statements did not come up, everyone was anxious. The shareholders were anxious, and the board of directors was anxious, so they thought he (Jin Zhenjun) could not continue. I can't continue to have someone to do it, so I will be a temporary agent, that's it.

Q: At that time, would you feel that the company took a detour from 2012 to 2014?

Li Ning: I can't talk about a detour. At that time, I was involved in major directions and category divisions. Some things Jin Zhenjun did were strategically correct. His problems were inefficiency and the failure to unite and effectively run various departments to achieve the goals he wanted to achieve. I think the real crisis should be in 2013 and 2014. At that time, a lot of space was left to transform the products and channels. But this was not completed and the crisis occurred.

Q: What is the biggest change in the company since you returned to the company in 2014?

Li Ning: Nothing has changed. I am happy when there is a change, I am not happy every day now, I am busy working every day, why? I just want it to change.

Q: Are you dissatisfied with the current results?

Li Ning: Of course, I am satisfied. How can the company move forward?

Q: We noticed that you also brought your nephew back to the company, including using a lot of veterans after returning. How did you consider this?

Li Ning: Chinese companies still need time to develop, and I also summarize my past 20 years. On the bright side, we have a lot of room for professional managers. On the downside, our market is not very strong in this rapidly changing market, and our model is not very mature. Therefore, companies still need to have some company-specific cultural support, which may be more in line with China's national conditions. So it is not simple to use who needs no one.

Q: There is no way for a single professional manager or a single family business to run a company well.

Li Ning: It's hard to be single now. A so-called family business can do small businesses, billions, tens of billions, and even larger businesses. Suddenly a fork in the road, whether to go left or right, still requires mature professional managers to make a choice. So at present, I think it is the founder and professional team to participate together (more appropriate), and everyone constructs a more efficient development (model).

Talk about family

I want to treat them as friends, they don't treat me as friends

Question: I heard Li Qilin (nephew Li Ning) said that when he was a kid, he went out to study and gave him a cell phone. Then you told him, do n’t worry about calling home.

Li Ning: Yeah.

Q: He was 12 years old.

Li Ning: Because it costs money (laughs). I encourage boys to become self-reliant early, build confidence in self-reliance, and then create their own world and integrate into society. Girls can do it, right, stay home.

Q: You are very traditional.

Li Ning: Of course, today girls are not willing to stay home (laughs). The human world should still be a little wider and good for girls. Don't be too wide for men. Converge properly. It's also good for boys. We are different. The education we receive is that one person has to bear everything in the house.

Q: I want to take a lot of responsibilities.

Li Ning: Yeah, I took on the responsibilities of the family when I was a teenager, because my mother is not healthy and the family is not rich. My mother is the pillar of our house, so I may also be affected by my mother. I started helping the family when I was very young, because I have income. My sister came to live with me when she was 19 years old, and I started funding her to school.

Question: So you are also a leader at home.

Li Ning: They think of me as a parent. I wanted to treat them as friends. They didn't treat me as a friend (laughs).

Question: For example, when you went to find a professional manager, and finally decided to come back by yourself, did you discuss it with your family?

Li Ning: I am a parent. Discuss with them?

Question: You also blame others for not treating you as a friend and a parent.

Li Ning: This is a company matter, not a family matter.

Talk about country

Convenient to talk, not necessarily to trade

Question: One view is that Li Ning's investment and enthusiasm for Chinese sports in these years has something to do with the country you have benefited from.

Li Ning: First of all, I personally must be grateful that the country has cultivated me. I will contribute my sports knowledge and resources to national sports. Secondly, from a company perspective, a sports company should also contribute to sports development. This is the value of a sports company.

Q: So how important do you think making money is for the company?

Li Ning: It is very important that a commercial company does not make money, that is crime. But in today's society, it is not the sole purpose of making money. In the process of making money, you may assume other social responsibilities, tax responsibilities, employment responsibilities, and so on.

Q: Did you have a sports company sponsor when you were an athlete?

Li Ning: Yes, but all are foreign, Adi, Mizuno, etc. That ’s why I decided to be my own brand.

Q: Later, when you started your business, you won the sponsorship of the Asian Games in the first year. What was the selection mechanism for sponsored companies at that time?

Li Ning: In the early days, the sports committee generally had a selection process, choosing one to do, or which one paid more. Later, it gradually became more and more international, so we went to fight for the sponsorship of the Olympic Organizing Committee during the 2008 Olympic Games, but we lost to Adidas, not that much money, couldn't afford it, they paid a hefty price.

Q: Will the feeling of being impacted in 2008 be more obvious?

Li Ning: No shock in business, emotional shock. A historic Olympic Games in China (held), I felt that it was an opportunity for Chinese companies, but later found that it was an opportunity for foreign companies.

Question: Later in 2013, the gymnastics team you have been sponsoring was also snatched by Anta.

Li Ning: Right.

Q: Did you feel a little uncomfortable at that time?

Li Ning: It will be a little uncomfortable because they pay too much money. I think money is good for gymnastics. They also need money, so it is normal for us to leave. But at that time, if we paid that much money again, it was inappropriate for the company. That money is impossible for us.

Q: Will this affect your relationship with the gymnastics team?

Li Ning: No, I should be good with the coaches and team members of the gymnastics team, but it ’s better to go less, because it ’s easy for me to hit others. But in private, I often meet with them. No problem. I should support some grass-roots gymnastics competitions underneath. I continue, no problem.

Question: Just like you and Li Yongbo and Cai Zhenhua, how much easier is it to communicate?

Li Ning: Of course. We grew up together and trained together. It must be much easier. But it's easy to talk, not necessarily easy to trade. We all have 1 million, that must be mine. I give 1 million, others give 1.1 million, maybe it's mine. It ’s not mine that others make 1.5 million, let alone 3 million.

Q: There is a sentence called no money, no happy.

Li Ning: Sports are like this. Sports are played with money. It is difficult to do without money.

Talk about self

Not that I want to run, I just want to run

Question: You said that it might not be a good thing to be too famous. When did you think about it?

Li Ning: From the first day of winning the championship. Fame is not free, not casual. You are often asked to be a role model, often to be careful, always being instructed by the coach, always being asked by the team; you are in the society, being asked by the society; drunk when someone fights, it ’s all right, you fight on the news. There is always pressure, and people are easily perverted, so I don't want to have too much fame.

Q: Do you prefer to be an athlete or an entrepreneur?

Li Ning: I'm willing to be Li Ning, do whatever I want, God can do whatever I want. I think it's good to do those two. Of course, being an athlete is more free, but being an athlete is young and you ca n’t go back, right? After all, the young world is still short, small, and the larger world After I grew up. So it should come later, and now the world is richer.

Question: But it feels like your current status is already tied to this company. Is this the state you want?

Li Ning: I can't say bundling. From my own career development perspective, I don't want to be a CEO, and I don't want to be a professional manager. I want to be an investor or a founder of a business.

An entrepreneur should have more advanced insight into the market, his creativity, the impulse to pursue wealth, the impulse to pursue efficiency. But as a CEO, he may or may not have it. In order to run this machine, he has to establish a so-called strategy on the established track. So sometimes the company develops to a certain level, and it is often brought to a dead end by a CEO.

Q: Do you still worry about this? Li Ning is too famous.

Li Ning: Yeah, so I have to converge too, so I ca n’t be overkill. I cannot replace the management team with their positions and the responsibilities of their department. They must take on their responsibilities and recruit better people and empower them not only for operations but also for decision-making.

Question: In fact, you have made a name from the 80's until now, and you really have gone through many stages of your life. You still want to know which stage of your life is the happiest or most impressive.

Li Ning: I'm very impressed with every stage of my life, but I can't remember, I yearn for the future even more. I am happy every day, of course, I have a lot of difficulties and pressure. But overall I think I'm still very happy. Because compared to others, I think I've been lucky.

Q: Do you have a favorite or most admired entrepreneur?

Li Ning: I am mainly in awe of those who are creative, imaginative, and able to control the enterprise. You always appear in the center of the topic. After all, it is still necessary for an enterprise to be able to move forward alive, but it will be gone after death. Of course, like Jobs and Bill Gates, they can create a new thing, which is very remarkable. They belong to aliens, they can see the future and see more. People may not even think about it, they have already seen it.

Question: When you returned, the title was the acting CEO. It is said that the "agent" has not been removed.

Li Ning: Still acting.

Q: Why not get it right?

Li Ning: Because I didn't want to be the CEO.

Q: It feels like you want to run away.

Li Ning: Yes, I do n’t want to run away, I just want to run away. An agent is an agent.

Q: I have to do it, so I want to run anytime?

Li Ning: Right.

Q: Are you looking for a new CEO now?

Li Ning: Looking for it.

Q: Did you find it?

Li Ning: There are many candidates, but for a company of our size, the difficulty is that the cost of changing CEO is relatively high.

Question: I heard that an executive has let you off. If you want to leave, he will leave too.

Li Ning: He's just talking, if a CEO can make him play better, why should he go.

Q: But finding the right CEO is difficult.

Li Ning: Everything is possible (laughs), you can't say everything to death.

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