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You are here: China Dealer Column Success Story Xtep President Ding Shuibo: From fashion to sports fashion, the future will go abroad

Xtep President Ding Shuibo: From fashion sports to sports fashion, the future will go abroad


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[ China Shoes Net -Elite People] On the afternoon of November 5, Xtep Group President Ding Shuibo gave a keynote speech at the China Sports Industry Market (CSIM) Xiamen Station event and shared his understanding of the current status of China's sports industry.


Today, I would like to share with you three aspects, what is the current situation of our Chinese sports industry, compared with foreign countries, where are our opportunities, including how Xtep's transformation is done.

Status of China's sports industry: policy liberalization, practitioners feel changes in heaven and earth

The development of China's sports industry is relatively slow. According to national statistics, it was 1.5 trillion yuan in 2015. The state proposes to reach 5 trillion by 2025. At present, the output value of the sports industry accounts for less than 1% of GDP. In the United States, its proportion in developed countries is quite large, so by 2025, we want to reach 2% and 3% of GDP.

The sports goods and sports industry in the United States has developed rapidly. In 1987, it was the same weight as China in 2013. With the development of China's sports industry, I believe our opportunities are very large.

China's first solution is food and clothing. After the food and clothing are resolved, it will definitely be healthy. Therefore, the national sports and the improvement of national health awareness will pay more attention to exercise. It is a revolutionary change. I used to do some activities, and it was very troublesome to organize some events. Compared with the current situation when we were in the industry, we are one place at a time.

In the past, when we wanted to use the venue for promotion events, the approval was very troublesome. At the moment, we are actively connecting with us, the authority of approval, the approval process becomes faster, and even the government is leading the government to promote the development of the industry. Originally, the country advocated professional events, but now it is more of a return to popular events, a national movement. Gold medals were the main focus, but now they are leading to a more basic mass movement.

Industry Opportunities: Sports products should focus on professionalism and technology; sports service industry should blossom more

At first, the sports industry was more dominated by sporting goods, and its service industry was relatively small. We sell a set of equipment than others sell a ticket, a ticket is equal to how many sets of equipment. The current sports industry is completely different from before. One is with the normal development, and the other is strongly promoted by the country, and it has shifted from professional competitive events to more popular events.

Next I talk about the growth opportunities in this industry. Divided into two parts, one is the sporting goods, the other is the services of the sports industry.

The earliest domestic sports goods were mostly life and amateur, not to mention professional. Including the products we sell are also sports wear, usually can also be worn, in fact, it is daily necessities. I remember when I was in school, I could run all of a pair of running shoes. This is the same for playing basketball. This is the same for running. This is also the same for soccer. There is no breakdown. At present, it is completely subdivided. Running is running. There are different equipment for any kind of competition intensity, not to mention the formal competition, and there will be different equipment stages. Among the sports products, there is a product promotion in itself. This is the first, to promote differentiation across categories, not everything.

The second aspect is to combine technology. There are many smart shoes and smart clothes out there, especially including ball games, smart football and basketball. We have to break the tradition, combine the Internet, combine technology, and products should combine technology.

The third aspect is manufacturing. The state is advocating "Made in China 2025". We want to improve the professionalism of quality and the cost performance of our products.

In the future of developed countries, including China's sports industry, the proportion of service industry will definitely be much higher than that of sports goods. Sloth bears are also counted as one. Before, Rilakkuma was just a media platform, but now it is a docking of consulting, finance and industry. I think in the service industry, there must be promotion of events, venue operations, media broadcast rights, and derivative products, including investment.

Driving force of industrial growth: vitality of mass consumption and release of professional sports value

The driving force behind the growth of the sports industry is as follows: 1. The vitality of mass sports consumption has increased. 2. The release of commercial value of professional sports is very different from developed countries in terms of commercial value.

From an investment perspective: mass fitness and event operations, there is a lot of space in these two areas. Including that we have outdoor sports, I believe outdoor markets will be very large in the future. Including ball games, fashion, including Internet fitness, the current gym space is also very large. The original gym may be used purely as a training venue, and this space will be very large in the future. There are clubs, there are commercial events and professional events, there are many professional leagues, national clubs, and the professional one. From the perspective of the world, the most luxurious sports in the world are aviation, water, from high-end to low-end, to professional to the public The scope is very wide.

From a mass basis, running is now the most popular. I remember that the original Volkswagen event was the earliest square dance to running and cycling. This is very wide because the foundation is very solid. Especially running. One person can run, tens of thousands of people can run, either indoors or outdoors, regardless of any conditions. There are currently only 300 registered marathons in China, which is a very good foundation.

China has also promoted policies. Football is very obvious. Our Chinese football foundation is relatively weak, but I believe that China's investment in football will be very large. To do a good job in football, we must start with youth and school, so the country will invest a lot of funds.

The snow and ice project is also a good project. Although the crowd is relatively small, from the current development perspective, the snow and ice range is also very good, and it has high-end, mid-range and beginners. Especially in the north, these are very good opportunities.

The key to an industry is whether the country has any policies, whether it really falls to the locality, and whether it is universally recognized. Our China's policies are sometimes talked about and done. The release of Circular 46 and the country's path to the development of the sports industry, I think it really fell into place. Many local governments assume that the proportion of sports industry in GDP exceeds 5 trillion yuan. I believe this is just the beginning and that it is multifaceted. Sports must be endurable and stand up to silence.

Xtep: From fashion sports to sports fashion, the overall layout goes abroad

At present, with the continuous upgrading of sports consumer demand, sports equipment manufacturers are facing pressure to transform. Those who want to exercise have money or leisure. These people are more white-collar workers, more people in one or two cities, and they benefit from international brands first during sports. In recent years, international brand policies have significantly more than domestic brands. In another two years, this bonus will definitely return to domestic sportswear vendors, because China has a population of 1.3 billion after all. At the same time, China's usual development trend is to start from first-tier and second-tier cities and then develop into third-tier and fourth-tier cities. The marathon is very obvious, starting from the big cities, now in prefecture-level cities and counties.

In addition, products need to be upgraded, smart products. It turns out that sports products are the most basic demand for selling it. For us, as long as it is sold, its big data and various aspects of analysis are not enough. Who will it be sold to in the future and what are they doing? These data are very important.

We believe that product development capabilities must advance with the times and must be improved. Including the ability to upgrade channels, because the current channels are not the same, the original shop can make money and open the store to sell. Today's consumers, especially the post-90s consumers, emphasize the experience and interaction, so the ability to upgrade the industry is very important. The community includes resource sharing.

In 2015, Xtep decided to return to the sport. The spokesperson we invited was entertainment stars, and more to interact with consumers through music and entertainment. Xtep was a fashion sport before, and now it is sports fashion. We still keep Xtep fashion DNA and fashion genes. However, in the field of running, we pay more attention to the two fields of running and football in the field of sports and sports. .

We carried out the overall layout and overall planning, including the planning and arrangement of the running ecosystem.

I started to run eight years ago. At that time, we thought that an industry and a brand must have their own core competitiveness. A sporting goods brand must be the first in a certain field of competition. Consumers mentioned it first. Power and which sport the first accessible brand is linked to. International brands know very well that basketball is Jordan and Adi is football. So we started running. Currently, most of China's running events are sponsored by Xtep.

In the field of football, we started layout five years ago. At that time, Chinese football was more problematic, but our focus was on schools. China ’s college football league was named as Xtep, and we deployed it in schools. Through the transformation of sports, the technology platform function of the product is more important, so we have made a lot of functional products.

Our development at the e-commerce level is still relatively good, because the consumption patterns of new consumers, and with the improvement of express delivery in all aspects of payment, e-commerce is a path for future development.

Looking into the future, going abroad is an inevitable choice for brand development to a certain stage. With the progress of the “Belt and Road”, including China ’s increasing national strength, including the comprehensive improvement of brand manufacturers ’product quality, brand operation capabilities, and other aspects, I believe it is possible for us to go abroad and enter internationalization. The garbage that used to be in the United States is good. If a country has insufficient national strength, everyone you sell will give you a question mark. How to do internationalization, the national brand is very important.

In particular, the Southeast Asian market is closest to China. This is a market that we can further choose. The transformation and upgrading of an enterprise cannot be done immediately. It needs constant challenges to cope with new market demands. Breakthroughs in transformation, upgrading, and breakthroughs are a place that every enterprise must face now and require innovation.

The future development of China's sports industry is very promising. The injection of sports goods and services and financial investment will definitely help the development of this industry, which will be faster than the original traditional development.

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