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"The Queen of High Heels" Zhao Ruohong: Adhere to Unique Styles


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[ China Shoes Net -Elite Figures] If the appearance of "Miss Zhao is not waiting" is an unexpected surprise, then "High Heel 73 Hours" is what Zhao Ruohong has always wanted to do.


Zhao Ruohong

Trilogy of Life

Zhao Ruohong used to have three personal ideals: host, writer, and owner of the store.

Miss Zhao was enrolled in the famous Shanghai Yan'an Middle School at the time of high school. However, the university chose Shanghai Theatre Academy, and after graduation she chose to be a host on Shanghai TV. The image of sister-in-law in "Happy Apartment" let the audience know about Zhao Ruohong, but instead of continuing to develop in the film and television industry, she chose to study abroad and studied for a master's degree in television journalism at New York University and Yale University.


After returning to China, Miss Zhao entered the publishing industry. "Being a host on Shanghai TV is the starting point of my life, but the second life ideal after that did not materialize. I did not become a professional writer, but I became a publisher." Every day Miss Zhao dealt with many writers, Do her best to understand them, to stand in their perspective to think about problems, and to respect the personality and needs of each writer. Many of the students who used to play in the past have become popular on the screen. However, "Curious Baby" Zhao Ruohong enjoyed the life he wanted even though he did not enter the film and television circle.

"As for the third ideal, 'the owner of the kiosk', it is half done after 'Miss Zhao is not waiting.'" Zhao Ruohong said, "'Miss Zhao is not waiting.' My husband gave it to me. As a gift, I used to say, if there is a restaurant where I can eat without waiting, that ’s great—my husband gave me this surprise and helped me realize this little wish and let me have a self Space can drink wine, eat food, and never need to wait for a place. "In the literary arts alley of Changle Road," Miss Zhao is not waiting "has become a popular online restaurant in Shanghai for many literary young people. Ms. Zhao also became a "bossie" who came to sell lard rice and salt-grilled crabs.

High heel shop owner

If the appearance of "Miss Zhao is not waiting" is an unexpected surprise, then "High Heel 73 Hours" is what Zhao Ruohong has always wanted to do. Miss Zhao believes that "High Heel 73 Hours" is not just a high heel shop, but to a certain extent, it is also an aspect of her life.


"I always need to wear high heels because of work. This is a history of blood and tears: women understand it, how uncomfortable but good-looking high heels make you love and hate. I always think if these shoes are here Improve it a little. Is it better to improve that shoe, so I have the idea to design and produce high heels myself. "

But opening a high heels experience store was not as dreamy as expected. Ms. Zhao also encountered many difficulties and challenges in the preparation of "High Heel 73 Hours". "The first opportunity for me to start a business came from my 'curiosity', and the real beginning came from that 'not afraid'. During the process of entrepreneurship, I encountered too many accidents. I almost desperately mortgaged my house before I started. Let this journey of entrepreneurship continue. "

"Remember when we launched a new product for the first time, we did n’t even know the proportion of the number of shoes that should be arranged. Until now, we have launched a new product steadily, and everything went according to plan. The ghost knows what I have experienced. Gladly, we came over When the Hangzhou Mansion Store opened, a guest also came to congratulate me. In the past year or so, she has experienced love, marriage and pregnancy. She has always been with her for 'high-heeled 73 hours'. Accompany the whole process like friends and family. At this moment, I feel that all the hard work we have experienced is worth it. "Miss Zhao said.

Stick to a unique style

Miss Zhao believes that it is very important for entrepreneurs to stick to values. Find the market position, maintain their own characteristics and brand personality, don't be misled by some temptations along the way, just go down.


Zhao Ruohong said: "At present, the high-heeled shoes market presents a large, empty center. When choosing fashion women's shoes, customers can only choose from a pair of mall brand shoes of several thousand yuan or Taobao shoes of several hundred yuan. Market has become a huge vacancy. For white-collar women with certain spending power, they need a lot of basic shoes. If you buy big brands, the cost performance is not very high; if you buy hundreds of Taobao brands, the wearing experience is It's awful. 'High heels 73 hours' is precisely to catch this pain point of the guests. "

In operation, the product must adhere to its own style, not to be large and comprehensive in type, but to be rich and comprehensive in the pointed, high-heeled field. At the same time, the discount promotion model is abandoned on the price, and the brand value is reflected at a reasonable and stable price. In the business model, through the combination of retail and catering, it does not overlap like traditional retail brands, but integrates and strives to create a home atmosphere. "I define the shop as the 'single lover's home for mad women'. I want to be able to meet the needs of all women as much as possible, and hope that '73 hours' can warm them up and become a home for them to rest." Miss Zhao said.

At the same time, "High Heel 73 Hours" is not so much a high heel shop as a dessert shop. Exquisite and delicious desserts, good-looking and wearable shoes, just the right lights and music, a comfortable and cozy atmosphere ... except for Clooney, there is almost everything that every girl dreams of. "No girl can refuse the temptation of sweets. We strive to make thousands of stores in the shop decoration. Unlike traditional brands that use modular props to save costs, this is also the unique feature of 'high-heeled 73 hours'."

耕品牌内涵 Intensive brand connotation

Miss Zhao believes that the core competitive advantage of "High Heel 73 Hours" lies in the content of the brand. For female consumers, "High Heel 73 Hours" is not only a brand full of feminine elements, but also a living friend who can communicate and grow together.

"Every important moment, whether it's birthday, promotion, love or loneliness, unemployment, or love, high heels will accompany you. When we see these shoes, we will think of those lost memories and feelings. Whether it's the icing on the cake or nothing to help, high heels will be our most loyal witnesses and companions, and our closest partners who know how to be cold, hot, and painful. So I want to give all the urban female friends who are working hard , A home hidden elsewhere. "


At the same time, in the establishment process, Miss Zhao encountered the biggest challenge is to find a balance between brand tone and business growth. "The product sales were very good at first, and we soon got a lot of channels and cooperation opportunities. At this time, we are faced with the choice: whether to learn the rapid expansion of traditional retail brands, or steadily, understand the needs of customers, and do the internal work of operations. OK, "said Miss Zhao." In the end, we choose to stay with our guests. "

On the one hand, focusing on the product itself, making more refined and more popular shoes; on the other hand, more actively communicating with customers, thinking about their needs from the perspective of each other, and striving to be closer to their hearts . "The high-heeled 73-hour product derivative is gradually being recognized by customers. In the future, based on focusing on fashion women's shoes, it will also consider introducing bags and other accessories to make the product and brand line more comprehensive."

"At present, we have 4 stores in Shanghai, and now the fifth one will open in Yaohan; we will also have one each in Hangzhou and Nanjing. In the next 1-3 years, I hope to open about 40 to 60 counters, and find more suitable platforms online at the same time. What we need is to do a good combination of online and offline, keep the brand's tone steadily forward, and make the most suitable products for white-collar women in China "Ms. Zhao said.

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