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Li Lin, the founder of art shoes: just to make China's most artistic high heels


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[ China Shoes Net -Elite People] When I first met Li Lin, she had a short and medium hair, a long black dress, and a pair of artistic high-heeled shoes, which looked like a female student entering the society. With a smile on her face and soft words, I can hardly see that she is a long-time entrepreneur.


Li Lin himself

Li Lin, the founder of the "shoe artist" brand Burna, is a somewhat legendary post-80s woman. She has a warm family, a well-behaved daughter, and a stable job that has been envied by outsiders. But at the age of 32, she resolutely quit her job and started a business.

Because she could not find beautiful, comfortable, affordable shoes on the market, she had no experience in making shoes, and plunged into the shoemaking industry for one year. In the meantime, in order to keep the company running, she even sold two real estate and a car, which was quite a breakout.


Burna Art Shoes

It is with this persistent tenacity and audacious hard work that Li Lin floated in the business sea for four years, becoming more frustrated and brave, all the way forward. In the meantime, in order to learn the experience in the fastest way, she dared to place an order with the supplier with a little knowledge, and used the cooperation method to let the other party willingly teach her own experience in shoemaking. tuition".

In order to ask her seniors in the industry, she asked around, and finally contacted Jiang Zhiqiang, a big-name figure in the shoe fulfillment industry and chairman of Max Group, and successfully made the other party her own career mentor. This admires those senior players in the shoe industry because they admire Jiang Zhiqiang for a long time, but have never seen the deity in two or three decades. What they couldn't do, Li Lin did.


Burna Art Shoes

Gradually, Burna opened up a market and its popularity increased year by year. Benna ’s high-heeled shoes were loved by many female stars such as Hou Peizen. In 2016, Phoenix TV ’s Miss China tour around the world, Bena also became the only designated shoe brand for the organizer.


Taiwanese anchor Hou Peizen wears art shoes

For entrepreneurship, Li Lin set an ambitious goal from the beginning. "Let art enter life, and let life be full of art." This is the company mission set by Li Lin. She loves art and was very creative in her early days when she wanted to incorporate artistic elements into the design of shoes.

"I want to spread the inspiration of art to all life products. Not to say that hanging art at home is called art into life, that is an elegant life. And art into the life of ordinary people is to make Art is integrated into food, clothing, and clothing. Clothing is a very important part. Let art be integrated into the wearable items that people carry with them. Only then can real art come into life. "

It is precisely because of the importance of MFmore's support for young artists, and MFmore's philosophy of bringing art into life and connecting the artist's work with business, Benner and MFmore have also recently conducted in-depth cooperation. After some selection, Li Lin introduced the artistic elements of the two artists Tan Tan and Santu Song on the MFmore platform into the design of the shoes, thereby designing 7 artist shoes. They are bright, bright and charming, as if every woman wearing this series of high heels can instantly become charming and charming.


Banna Art Shoes with MFmore

The road to entrepreneurship has never been smooth. Li Lin's business model was once questioned, and even the company's internal sales executives once opposed her approach. In this regard, Li Lin looks particularly firm. "In terms of product control, I am very strong. I take risks and take responsibility for it. I don't need the following people to question the product."

"All innovations are a process that is accepted by the market. This process is what entrepreneurs need to adhere to. You have to think clearly about your original intention. This is the first point. The second point is that adhering to the original intention is a very The difficult process, this process, you must insist. The words persistence and original intention are very important. "Li Lin thought so, did the same, and achieved great results.


Banna Art Shoes with MFmore

With a beloved career, a warm family, full-time work, and a willful life, Li Lin has lived out the ideal state of many women.

Maybe, wearing Ben's shoes, we can also fight like Li Lin in the workplace, fight charming in life, and dump all sentient beings ...

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