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Li Dinghai, Chairman of Feiying Shoes: The eagle with folded wings can also take off


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[ China Shoes Net -Elite Figures] Xiangxian, the interpretation of virtue and talent for the people respected by the people. In Taizhou, there is always no shortage of talents. They may be moral models of dedication, talented celebrities, or business people who contribute to society ...

In the Wenling shoe industry, Taizhou Feiying Shoes Co., Ltd. is like an eagle spreading its wings: its annual output value exceeds 100 million yuan, and its products are exported overseas. But many people don't know. Li Dinghai, the chairman of Feiying Shoes, is a disabled man with "folded wings".

Starting from scratch more than 20 years ago, he is not afraid of the wind and rain on the entrepreneurial road, and with his own efforts, he has achieved the leading position of Taizhou Feiying Shoes Co., Ltd. in the Taizhou children's shoes industry; : Establishing a work station for the disabled, establishing a free walking charity project ... Writing his own words of "physical and mental health" with his own actions.


Character business card

Li Dinghai Wenling was born in 1966

Chairman of Taizhou Feiying Shoes Co., Ltd.

Member of the 4th Taizhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, has won the top ten "self-strengthening and entrepreneurial star" in Zhejiang Province, the first disabled "self-strengthening and entrepreneurial star" in Taizhou, the Wenling charity work personal honor award, and the first "most beautiful taxpayer inspiration" in Wenling "Daren", "model worker" in Wenling.

Keep improving

"I can do what others can do"

Li Dinghai suffered from polio from an early age and suffered from muscle atrophy in his right leg. He has been unable to walk like a normal person ever since. After graduating from high school, he chose to go home and learn to make shoes with his father. Because of his physical defects, Li Dinghai knew that only by exerting more effort than others can he change his destiny. When studying shoemaking, he always pays attention, ponders carefully, and masters a good skill.

In 1989, Li Dinghai made a bold decision to set up a sole shoe factory. The eyes of others who were worried or distrustful did not hesitate and flinch. But for a disabled person, starting a business is harder than expected.

"In the early days of my business, I traveled around, and that time is still unforgettable. At that time, traffic conditions were not good. I often had to take a wheelchair to Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other places to walk the market and look at products. It was very difficult." Li Dinghai said, relying on a Unwilling to lose, he gritted his teeth and ran his shoes while running the business. He was both a worker and a boss. "Without manpower, I went on my own. Sometimes I worked 12 hours a day, and the work was worth four or five ordinary people. The amount of labor. "

Today, after more than 20 years of hard work, Li Dinghai will develop a workshop-type small shoe factory with only two houses to a modern enterprise with more than 30,000 square meters of standardized factories and more than 100 chain retail stores.

With the "flying eagle" taking off, Li Dinghai also pointed out the direction for countless people with his self-improving quality: "I can do what others can do, and I can do better. As long as there are dreams and willing to endure hardships People with disabilities can, like normal people, succeed through hard work. "

Reward society

Passion for charity

As the "flying eagle" gradually grew, Li Dinghai did not forget to pass the positive energy of society through public welfare.

For the disabled, he gives special care. In 2012, he invested 500,000 yuan to set up an integrative medical treatment station for the disabled, mentally handicapped and other severely disabled persons, and arranged them to suitable and relaxed positions , Equal pay for equal work, and special car transfers, so that they can gradually recover while earning labor income.

"At present, there are 38 local disabled people in Wenling, most of whom have mental or intellectual disabilities. They are mainly recuperative and supplemented by work. There are reading rooms and gyms in the station, hoping to create a healthy A convalescent environment is conducive to physical and mental development, "said Li Dinghai.

For the poor students, he sent intimate care. In May 2014, Li Dinghai launched the "Free Walking" charity project to send shoes to children in impoverished mountain areas. "Just provide the address of a mountain school or a list of poor children, and after verifying the information, give the company's children's shoes to those children so that they can also put on good shoes." According to Li Dinghai, the company will send children about every year 4 shoes, each value is about 10,000 yuan.

In addition, Li Dinghai assisted in setting up the first transit assistance base "Sunshine Post" in Wenling, which integrated the functions of community correction and resettlement, to help community prisoners and reformers go to the community, and to the disaster area, charity chief Donations and donations such as meetings, Red Cross and Disabled People's Federation.

"Because of the trust of consumers, there is a" flying eagle "today. I hope to use my own power to return home and society and let more people with disabilities understand that as long as they have a healthy psychology and a sound personality, they must pay One thing is that people with disabilities can contribute to society. "

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[Source / Author: Chinese shoes Network / Taizhou Daily]
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