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Nike CEO Mark Parker: Brand effects are extremely strong in China


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[ China Shoes Net -Elite Figures] Since Mark Parker became CEO of Nike in 2006, the company's sales have doubled to $ 32 billion. In 2016 he was named chairman of the company, taking over from Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

On October 14, 2015, Bloomberg TV interviewed Parker. Parker talked about Nike's market performance and looked forward to its development prospects in the Chinese market.

[Bloomberg TV] Nike CEO Mark Parker: Brand effects are extremely powerful in China

Interview with Nike CEO Mark Parker Nike

Q: Bloomberg TV

A: Mark Parker

Q : Let's talk about it from a global perspective. Nike is reducing the market share of sportswear. But looking at China, the growth is very impressive, but everyone is not optimistic about Chinese consumers. Do you think the business growth has slowed down?

A : No, the Nike brand is very appealing in China. The market situation is very good for us, and the enthusiasm of people's movement is so high that we can achieve digital interconnection on the mobile end, which is very good for our digital platform. We have performed very well in this field. The success of Nike in China in the past few years is very beneficial to our future development. Consumers want quality products and reliable brands. They all think that Nike is doing very well, so we want the innovation we already have. Our work is to lay the foundation for the next few years, so that Nike can perform better in China in the future.


Q : Many consumers love Nike as a premium brand. Will you sell some of your secondary brands, such as Hurley?

A : I think our strength is our diversity: different brands, categories, genders, price points, channels. We have a series of high-quality brands. The brands are very good. Looking at Jordan and Converse, Hurley also has potential. Of course, Nike is a representative brand with good performance. The potential of Converse and Jordan is that they will far exceed their current status, so we are very excited to mention this at today's investor conference.

Q : Let's talk about Jordan's expansion plan. Jordan has an idol status. There are 30 AIR JORDANs. Do they have basketball series and women's series products?

Former professional basketball player Michael Jordan

A : We do have women's products now, and Jordan's products are rich in diversity. The training series is definitely expanding, and the running series is also very suitable for expansion. Jordan will also sponsor the uniform of the University of Michigan football team. Jordan is now involved in a variety of sports, and sponsorship of Michigan will also increase. Jordan is an excellent brand, a change to the current situation of sports, men and the US market. This is an opportunity for consumers to make more choices on the brand. We need to be careful to make sure we are not going in the wrong direction. There are many opportunities for Jordan.

Q : You mentioned the University of Michigan. You don't seem to have the tradition of sponsoring school teams, but you sponsored $ 169 million for it. Are you just because of the current competition, and some brands are driving up product prices to match their own value? Last night I interviewed Thomas Brady. I asked him what he thought of Nike ’s re-sponsorship of the University of Michigan? Awful!"

A : The sports market has a lot of high-quality wealth. Nike and the University of Michigan are inextricably linked. This is not only a good opportunity for us to bring the best products of Nike and Jordan to the Michigan school team, but also improve people's awareness of the school project. Athletes want Nike, they want the power that the brand brings them. Jordan is also particularly attractive to athletes. They are very proud to be the first team to wear Jordan uniforms. So we are excited to sponsor the University of Michigan.


University of Michigan

Q : Are you ready to start a price war with your competitors for sponsoring the school team? I interviewed Kevin Durant last year. You need to sponsor a lot of money for the Michigan school team. Ever worried? This is sky-high price, you have never paid so much money!

A : We are very competitive and want to work with the best teams and athletes. I am proud of our contractual relationship with athletes, others have only envy. We are well aware that it comes at a premium, and that's only how we deal with these properties. This is not the preemption of real estate, nor the expansion of products. We need to understand this relationship and turn it into innovation, which is exciting for us. ( China Shoes Net -Global professional Chinese footwear joining portal)

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