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CITYSIGD urban lover brand women's shoes originated from Hong Kong, the global fashion capital. It owns the KUBU cool casual brand, as well as urban lover clothing, sports shoes, handbags, glasses and many other products. It is the only authorized legal distribution in Hong Kong. Business. The company has 300 designers all over Paris, France, Milan, London, England, Tokyo, Seoul, Korea and other world's fashion trends, so that CITYSIGD urban lover brand women's shoes will always stand at the forefront of fashion, which is mainly oriented to independent and For urban women with taste, Urban Lover (Hong Kong) International Group was established in 1997 and brings the most comfortable and fashionable women's shoes to China.

CITYSIGD is targeted at the middle-class consumer female group of 18-45 years old. It can be a noble Snow White, a slim neighbor girl, a sunny sports girl, a petty white-collar worker who pursues fashion, and a style Thousands of mature women can be generous modern women, or elegant successful ladies. To provide them with outstanding style, exquisite taste, stylish and comfortable products. Because of this, we have been booming and expanding, and now we have become one of the well-known domestic brands. Our products have not only covered many countries around the world, but also in mainland China. There are hundreds of specialty stores in the city.

The CITYSIGD brand of women's shoes covers many countries around the world. It has more than hundreds of specialty stores in cities in mainland China. It is a well-known fashion women's shoes brand in China. Now has five series of products: top fashion star models, exquisite women's taste models, simple popular running models, popular casual comfort models, fashionable casual personality models, suitable for various lifestyles of women of different styles, whether at work (OFFICE), shopping ( SHOPPING), party (PARTY), club (PUB), travel (TRAVELS), you can find a pair of shoes tailored to your own in the city lover's shoe cabinet.

The success of the CITYSIGD brand is based on the pursuit of fashion and the desire for comfort and unrestrained personality. The designer takes youth, unrestrained, passion, and taste as the concept, and puts eternal black, fiery red, pure white tones, The elegant blue-green sense is bold and free to play to the extreme. At the same time, it combines women's unique exquisiteness, delicateness and tenderness, with shiny crystals, blooming flowers, dancing butterflies, sexy lace, rock studs and other decorations. The characteristics of fashion and taste are revealed everywhere, and the comfortable and humanized design of the soles and shoe materials has made the brand's products the first choice for women in fashion since its inception in Hong Kong.

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