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Jinjiang Hornet Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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Bumblebee Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is located in Jinjiang City, China's shoe capital, and has a special interest in children's products. For several years, it has been dedicated to the development, production and sales of children's sports products.
In terms of production technology, since the beginning of production, the company has introduced a number of leading international production lines with complete equipment and stable personnel structure. In terms of quality supervision, the company has increased its efforts to invest in professional forces to strictly control each quality, The production process is effectively monitored, and the quality of the product is well received by agents and customers. In terms of product development, the brave, lively, cute, anthropomorphic cartoon style is the design style of Hornet Company, and yellow, black, blue The use of color as the main color highlights the strong product personality of the Hornet, allowing the Hornet to continue to lead the new trend of the domestic children's products market with colorful products.
In recent years, the company has vigorously implemented its brand development strategy and is committed to extending the Hornet brand to children's clothing and children's cultural products through a series of product portfolios to create a diversified brand in the children's market. Through in-depth research on domestic and foreign children's products markets, Hornet used modern marketing concepts to accurately position its products and formulated an active and effective marketing strategy. In 2004, the well-known child star Su Shijia became the spokesperson for the Hornet brand image. While increasing the Hornet brand promotion efforts, it also increased brand awareness. From 2005 to the present, Bumblebee has cooperated with the national media Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV. The "Bumblebee Flying Family Singing and Jumping Party" sponsored by Bumblebee is very popular among children all over the country. The “One Point” themed commercial is popular across the country, and the hornet's flight trajectory spreads across the land of China, which has a higher popularity and reputation.
At present, Bumblebee has many counters and specialty stores in many cities in mainland China, which are quite well-known and have excellent performance. Hornet has always adhered to a win-win and mutually beneficial business expansion policy. As an agent of Hornet, it will share the achievements of the Hornet brand expansion and its brilliant brand prospects. We believe that through our joint efforts, Hornet will be very life-like into the center of consumers and become a part of the lives of children; we also believe that the market positioning of Hornet products with good brand, good quality and good price , Will definitely create a vast new world of children's casual sports shoes in China!

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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Bumblebee Store ImageChengdu Bumblebee StoreBumblebee Store

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Jinjiang Hornet Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch

Company Address: Beihuan Industrial Building, Xibian, Chenxian

Contact: Marketing Department

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Company Website: http://kejietieyiweilan.com/e/contact/270444.html

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