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In 1994, the Anta logo was hanged for the first time at the door of a shoe workshop in Jinjiang, Fujian. After more than ten years of development, Anta Sports Goods Co., Ltd. has now become one of the largest comprehensive sports brand companies in China. Successfully listed in Hong Kong in 2007. Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of Anta Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., was named the 17th "Top Ten Outstanding Youths in China" for his special contribution to Chinese sports and was elected as the representative of the 11th National People's Congress. Since its establishment, Anta has always adhered to the business policy of "reliable entrepreneurship, pragmatic life, and creating a century-old brand". After years of development, its sales performance ranks among the top in the country. On May 9, 2009, when Premier Wen Jiabao visited Anta, he pointed out that Anta's official website successfully transformed from a labor-intensive enterprise to a technology-intensive enterprise, and explored a path with its own characteristics for upgrading from "Made in China" to "Created in China". . Keeping abreast of the development of China's sporting goods, promoting the popularization of national fitness, and leading the vigorous development of Chinese sports are the influence of the Anta brand spirit.

Anta is a practitioner of the sports goods sales monopoly system. Anta combines the honors of "China Well-known Trademark", "China Famous Brand Product", "China Quality Exempted Product", etc. Anta's comprehensive market share of sports shoes has ranked first among similar products in the country for seven consecutive years. The product range covers ANTA sportswear, ANTA running shoes, ANTA basketball shoes, ANTA shoes and accessories. In 2008, it launched children's sports products series and fashion shoes series. Anta has an extensive marketing network in China, covering 31 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions, including first-, second-, third-, and fourth-tier cities. As of now, Anta has more than 8,000 licensed retail stores of Anta brands. Overseas, ANTA products have entered Serbia and Hungary in Eastern Europe, Singapore and the Philippines in Southeast Asia, Kuwait in the Middle East, Paraguay and Peru in South America and other 20 countries and regions.

● Anta anta product classification

Anta sports shoes: Anta sports shoes include Anta Xiangyun running shoes series, Anta foot arch running shoes series and so on. Anta sports shoes use Anta's unique "core technology". The design concept of its sports shoes originates from the running consumer group that meets the needs of professional running and fashion fitness, and meets the characteristics of the group's pursuit of professional performance and individual fashion color.

Anta basketball shoes: Anta basketball shoes include Anta Domineering series, Anta Scola series, Anta CBA series, Anta forward series and so on. Anta basketball shoes use A-CORE shock absorption technology. A-CORE means "magnetic core" in Chinese. Anta took the lead in proposing the "magnetic core concept", which is in sync with international high-tech and has unique characteristics in the field of domestic sports shoe development.

Anta casual shoes: mainly include Anta tennis shoes, Anta outdoor sports shoes, Anta comprehensive training shoes and Anta shoes.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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