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About China Shoe Net

Chinese shoes net is A professional website based on the global footwear industry's B2B e-commerce operation. For many years, it has provided rich market information and comprehensive e-commerce services for all shoe companies in the entire industry chain in the industry, to meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent. Establish a cooperation and communication platform for enterprises through flexible trade matching operations. Today, China Shoes Net relies on a strong technical team, rich regional resources and excellent operating system, and is committed to providing comprehensive and timely information on the footwear industry, professional and authoritative market conditions, accurate and detailed supply and demand opportunities, and outstanding elites. At present, it has become a comprehensive portal for e-commerce with high reputation and influence in the industry.

After more than ten years of hard work and development, China Shoes.net has developed from high-profile to high-speed development. With the advantages of industry portals and numerous customer information resources at home and abroad, it has adopted the B2B operating model, targeting footwear companies as members, advertising and membership. As a main product, it will deeply tap the favorable resources in the industrial chain, and provide all-round e-commerce services for footwear companies such as finished shoes, shoe machines, and shoe materials. In April 2004, China Shoe.net obtained the "People's Republic of China's Value-added Telecommunications Business License", becoming one of the earliest websites in Fujian Province to have a business license, and was continuously awarded China's e-commerce in 2005 and 2006. The top 100 industry websites have suddenly become the leader of China's domestic shoe industry e-commerce platform, and continue to move towards a wider market.

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