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    Wenzhou Liren Shoes was established in 1984 and moved to a new factory in China's shoe capital in 2003. It produces and exports various high-end women's shoes and various children's shoes for foreign trade. Its main customers are the United Kingdom, Japan and other European countries. Big-name chain stores. The Velvet Bee design team pays great attention to scientific design in product development. They have teamed up with a senior British children's shoes engineer with 20 years of technical experience and a global authoritative certification agency ITS. They invest a lot of resources at any cost, The development of the necessary model in the shoe process) is based on the shape of the child's footsteps, and it is formed after trial and error-trial-adjustment-trial and error. After the sample shoes are made, they will cross the sea to ITS located in the United Kingdom to deliver "FITING APPRAISAL", which is an evaluation job of real people trying on products. Only after passing the PASS, this model will be adopted and put into mass production. Only in this way can it satisfy the need to capture as many people as possible. Based on the British fashion style, Velvet Bee is committed to the development and design of girls' shoes. Unlike the existing children's shoes brands in China, the original inspiration of Velvet Bee style design and each theme comes from the brand's birthplace, London, UK. The classic and elegant British style of history, leaning towards fashion and maturity while considering safety and comfort, shapes the elegance, atmosphere, and fashion image of little adults, and it is no longer a design that is only childlike. The Velvet Bee brand is committed to 3 years old. The above little princesses design and make personalized beautiful shoes, so that they can easily choose decent styles for all occasions, and find the true princess-like elegance and confidence from wearing. Little girls, never need to envy the mother's beautiful shoes secretly, so that each girl's feet can be taken care of, and you can find a real princess-like elegance and confidence from wearing. This is the design and design of the Velvet Bee team. The highest pursuit and core concept of R & D. The skeletal structure of children's footsteps can not fully grow and shape until the age of 18. Shoes that are too narrow, too loose, too hard, too soft, too long, and too short may not be conducive to their steps Healthy growth, which may affect the development of other parts of the body. The design style of children's shoes is unique, and the comfort and safety of wearing have been tested by EU authorities and successfully passed the EU social responsibility certification in August. We welcome foreign merchants and domestic distributors to cooperate with us!

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    Address: Lot 33, China Shoes Capital (Phase I), Wenzhou
    Postcode: 325007