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Daphne Wing Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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shoebox is a brand of Daphne Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.
In 2004, the first shoe mass store “shoebox”, which pioneered the Chinese shoe industry, came into being. With the brand slogan “Shoebox shoes are not expensive”, it adopts a multi-brand channel business model and develops with the Daphne brand, which has effectively expanded. Market share has achieved remarkable results.
In terms of emotion, the goods are ingeniously integrated with culture and emotions, emphasizing that shoes cover the trajectory of life, which is artistic creation, but also emotion and memory.
Shoebox hopes that consumers will not just buy a pair of shoes, but start writing stories from the first step.
"We don't just sell shoes, we look forward to a better life." The shoe cabinet hopes that consumers will not just buy a pair of shoes, but the first step into a better life. So far, shoebox shoe cabinet has developed into the form of a channel brand. What it wants to convey is a concept of "one-stop shoe purchase for the whole family", and then developed the three major requirements of LOVE, FAMILY and TREE. Love, Fou your whole family's shoe cabinet, Grow with you; "Shoe cabinet shoes are not expensive, everyone loves shoe cabinets" is a low-cost strategy promoted by shoebox shoe cabinets, allowing everyone to enter the shoes Customers of the cabinet can find satisfactory shoes and feel the convenience and service of "one-stop shopping for shoes for the whole family".
In order to better reflect the characteristics of the channel and the service to consumers, shoebox launched a number of different brands to meet various consumer needs: the pursuit of comfortable and comfortable men's shoes OSWIN, simple, casual, intellectual and confident ladies shoes RENEE, youth , Sweet girl shoes PINKII and children's shoes full of innocent atmosphere SWEET BAY BAY. The lineup of brands covering all ages and consumer needs has made the best interpretation of the shoe cabinet's "one-stop shopping for family shoes" shopping philosophy.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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Daphne Wing Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.

Company Address: No. 3908 Huqingping Road, Puzhaoxiang Town, Shanghai

Contact: Mr. Zhang

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Company Website: http://kejietieyiweilan.com/daphne-brand/

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