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Guangzhou Jiahong Footwear Company Limited Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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"Ounishen" is one of the brands of Guangzhou Jiahong Footwear Group. It is a system operation team integrating design, research and development, production and sales. The brand is famous for producing high-end leather casual men's shoes. Cancel all intermediate links and directly connect the first-hand supply from the factory to the dealer. Ou Nishen's products combine European style and oriental charm, with simple, smooth and fashionable design styles, with new ideas and superb craftsmanship design, to bring consumers a healthy and comfortable natural walking experience.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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Guangzhou Jiahong Footwear Company Limited

Company address: A8, Yifeng Commercial City, No. 689, Shijie Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Contact: Manager Dong

Postal code:

Company Website: http://kejietieyiweilan.com/adv/mosimeri/

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