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Yuanyang Ondul is an urban womenswear brand launched by Gao Yuanyuan and Daphne. As the founder, the design of each pair of Yuanyang shoes was personally checked by Gao Yuanyuan. Yuanyang Ondul is divided into "DRESS fashion party series", "OL generous professional series" and "CASUAL trend neutral series" to meet the needs of urban women in different The needs of the occasion.

Yuanyang Ondul was founded in 2014. Gao Yuanyuan personally participated in the naming of the brand. Ondul was translated as ripples in French. Yuanyang took the homonym "as is" to express: time passes, no matter how the world changes, she is still the same, or the girl who persists and is loyal to herself . Gao Yuanyuan hopes that every girl who loves beauty can convey this pursuit and enthusiasm like ripples in the water, rippling in the hearts and feet of every bright and confident girl.

The difference is the occasion, and the style is the same. Yuanyang Ondul embodies its personality in the design. It is based on bright, generous, and elegant lines, depicting the unique image of a woman who belongs to Yuanyang: she has the courage, calmness, and Good fashion style, bold to show confident charm.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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