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Heilongjiang Longfoot Trading Company Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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Brand positioning of Heilongjiang Longzu Trading Company:
Modern 20-45-year-old urban women are pursuing low-key and elegant, comfortable and noble living attitudes. When choosing products, they have a different aesthetic style than before. Longfoot integrates high-end fashion into products when designing products, and designs independent, Elegant women's shoes with taste and personality suitable for modern urban women.
Loozu is the abbreviation of Chinese Pinyin for Longfoot Women's Shoes. Longfoot Women's Shoes uses the abbreviation of traditional Chinese Pinyin longzu. Double oo stands for human feet. Chinese traditional culture represents auspiciousness, wealth, success, and luck.

Longfoot women's shoes are designed to integrate traditional Chinese culture into modern women's fashion. Light luxury is combined with each other. Regardless of product design and sales, they adhere to the traditional Chinese culture's luck, success, nobility, and product design. Introduced the current style of light luxury, to create high-end and high-quality women's shoes, showing simple, comfortable, low-key and restrained quality of life, while at the same time noble and luxurious. The so-called light luxury, as its name implies, is "mild luxury" and can also be regarded as "low-key luxury." In addition, each item of Longfoot products is a combination of various elements under the premise of ensuring quality, not only to ensure the quality of genuine leather, but also to ensure a light luxury design style, so that consumers can experience Longfoot The pleasure of service and consumption.

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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Longfoot Women's Shoes Brand Image StoreLongfoot Women's Shoes Brand Image StoreLongfoot Women's Shoes Brand Image StoreLongfoot Women's Shoes Brand Image StoreLongfoot Women's Shoes Brand Image Store

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Heilongjiang Longfoot Trading Company

Company Address: Huizhi Finance Headquarters, Daoli District, Harbin

Contact: Mr. Zheng

Zip Code: 150070

Website: www.longzunvxie.com

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