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Ge Ruixiu, a fashion value brand dedicated to the interpretation of elegance, comfort and romance, has been based on the consideration of women's fashion aesthetics and the construction of elegant charm for women since its inception. Caring for women and creating a high-quality life are the core concepts of Ge Ruixiu's unwavering commitment. GERUIXIU, a kind of inspiration reappearing over time, is an ideal and infinite outlook on life, and it is also a brand's easy-to-change integration between the living city and the travel city, and between occupation and life. GERUIXIU & Ge Ruixiu women's shoes, with their keen sense of international trends and a deep understanding of the domestic market, have led the fashion of the Chinese women's shoes industry and become a popular women's shoes brand with unique styles. Ge Ruixiu is convinced that each woman has her own unique charm and is determined to become a fashion companion for every attractive woman. Relying on high-quality products, good reputation and perfect management mechanism, while continuously improving the international sales network, the company gradually promotes the franchised network in the domestic market. Through unified management, unified service standards, and injected corporate culture, it gives leisure products life. . From product development, quality assurance, and sales management to market terminals, the company provides comprehensive services to customers and consumers, and builds a service brand. Taking "standardized management, chain management, product serialization, and brand internationalization" as business goals, and "perfect service, customer satisfaction" as the service purpose, adhere to the "people-oriented" talent concept, adhere to the "people-oriented" talent concept, The business purpose of "down-to-earth, extraordinary interpretation", hand in hand with the majority of customers at home and abroad to stride towards a glorious tomorrow. It is worth mentioning that the raw material suppliers of Geruixiu and the manufacturers of leather boots are well-known European companies. They have cooperated with world-renowned first-tier brands for many years, and have rich design capabilities and quality assurance. We have cooperated for many years and maintained a good cooperation priority relationship, which guarantees our quality, and the design is in sync with the international, leading and walking at the forefront of fashion. Teamwork is the foundation of the company's survival and development. Brands serve the company's development. We introduce brands, operate brands, and operate brands. But not blindly building momentum and pursuing the value of common life is the purpose of our brand development.

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Address: Room 601, Building E, Degang Wanggang Science and Technology Park, Wanggang Industrial Third Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou