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Huizhou Far East Group Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828
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Shepherdess is the most tasteful women's shoes designed for urban women who love life and pursue fashion. It integrates the humanistic care and psychological satisfaction of women into the shepherd's design soul. The style is romantic and elegant. It does not blindly follow the trend but always stays at the forefront of the trend, showing a fashionable, tasteful and comfortable product style.
FILLE PATRE originated from the 19th-century French Miller oil painting-"Shepherdess", determined to create the most beautiful shoes for women.
A rural shepherd girl, standing in the wilderness of the steppe, silently praying for a peaceful life from God—a high horizon, flat and vast, shepherd girl wearing an old felt shawl and a red turban around herd . She turned her back on the flock and Cai Xia, knitted the sweater on her hands, her slightly bowed figure and focused expression, like prayerful piety. Sunlight, life, and green constitute the spiritual connotation of FILLE PATRE. It is a quality that never declines and is very tense. It is an attitude of fashion life: the most beautiful pop brilliance is released, and beauty begins to spread ...

Fortune Hotline: 0595-83008828

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